WBSSC Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus | West Bengal School Service Commission Assistant Teacher Exam Syllabus | Syllabus for WBSSC Assistant Teacher

The West Bengal School Service Commission SYLLABUS FOR THE POST OF ASSISTANT TEACHER

I. Feature of the Indus Valley Civilization –decline of the Indus Valley Civilization – the Vedic Civilization – Sodas’a mahajanapadas – Buddhism and Jainism – The rise and fall of the Maurya Empire : Asoka’s Dhamma – Imperial Guptas – Palas and Senas of Bengal.
II. The establishment of the Delhi Sultanate – The Slave dynasty – the Khilji and Tughluq Rulers – The administrative structure under the Sultanate – The Vijayanagar Empire.
III. Disintegration of the Sultanate – Babar – the importance of his invasion of India – Mughal – Afghan contest and Sher Shah Suri – Consolidation of the Mughal empire under Akbar – Territorial expansion under Akbar.
IV. An overview of the reigns of Jahangir and Shahjahan – Aurangzeb’s expansionist policies – conflict with the Marathas – Shivaji – Aurangzeb and the disintegration of the Mughal empire.
V. Battles of Palasi and Buxer and the establishment of the Company’s rule in Bengal – The Transfer of Diwani and its impact in Bengal – British expansion: Mysore and Maharastra – subsidiary alliance – the doctrine of lapse –annexation of the Punjab.
VI. Early resistance to the British rule-Wahabi and Farazi movements – Santal Rebellion – The Revolt of 1857; Western Education and social reform-Rammohan Ray, Young Bengal & Vidyasagar: Early stages of Indian nationalism – pre- Congress associations – foundation of the Congress – the nature of the early Congress.
VII. The rise of Extremism in Indian Politics – Anti partition and Swadeshi movement: Gandhi and Indian nationalism – Non- co – operation, Civil Disobedience, Quit India Movement: Muslim League and the demand for Pakistan – Partition and Independence.
VIII. The French Revolution of 1789 – the Reign of Terror: Robespierre – the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte – Napoleon’s internal reconstruction – Napoleon and Europe : Expansion and collapse of the Napoleonic empire.
IX. The Vienna Congress (1815) – The Metternich System – The Revolutions of 1830- 1848: the unification of Germany and Italy.
X. Colonialism and the Scramble for Africa – Germany’s Welt Politik – Triple alliance and Triple Entente – the origins of the First World War – Peace settlement of 1919.

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