How the CAT Group Discussion is Evaluated

A panel will judge team members for their alertness and presence of mind, problem-solving abilities, ability to work as a team without alienating certain members, and creativity.

What The Panel Looks For:

All that one observes in a Group Discussion can be categorized into two broad areas: the Content and the Process.

The content is all about the ‘matter’ or the ‘what’ spoken in the group discussion. Whereas, the process refers to the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of the group discussion.

Both are equally important and need adequate attention at all stages.

A high quality contribution with no regard to the ‘process’ is as suicidal as one which is high on packaging with little content.

Breakdown of the Parameter Weightage in IIM MBA Group Discussions

Criteria Points Awarded
Strength of Point 40
New Point 10
Building Upon Existing Point 5
Rephrasing Existing Point 5
Rationale Explained Behind Point 5
Quality of Example Given 5
Quality of initiative Shown 5
Teamwork 5
Body Language 20
Style of Sitting 5
Eye Contact While Speaking 5
Movement of Hands 5
Listening Style 5
Assertiveness 20
Communication Skills 20
Command over Language 10
Clarity of Voice 10

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