CAT General Awareness Question Paper

# What does a Phillumenist collect?

1. Old coins
2. Flags of various nations
3. Match box labels
4. Empty cigarette boxes

Answer : C
# Who was the author of ‘Raghuvamsa’?

1. Kannadasan
2. Kalidasa
3. Sivadas
4. Shankaracharya

Answer : B
# Who said “Some books are to be tasted others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”?

1. Francis Bacon
2. H G Wells
3. John Steinbeck
4. Isaac Asimov

Answer : A
# How many moons (satellites) does the planet Saturn have?

1. Twelve
2. Ten
3. Eight
4. Twenty one

Answer : B
5. Which country is called the ‘Land of cakes’?
1. Britain
2. Spain
3. France
4. Scotland

Answer : D
6. Which is the birth place of Hitler?
1. Prussia
2. Hungary
3. Austria
4. France

Answer : C
7. One of the following countries has compulsory military service for women?
1. Phillippines
2. Israel
3. Finland
4. New Zealand

Answer : B
8. Which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?
1. Omega
2. Sigma
3. Zeta
4. Chi

Answer : A
9. What is the other name for River Ganges?
1. Sapthanadhi
2. Bhageerathi
3. Savithri
4. Bhadravathi

Answer : B
10. In which year did Hitler become the Chancellor of Germany?
1. 1919
2. 1929
3. 1933
4. 1939

Answer : C

1. Which is the largest flightless bird?
1. Ostrich
2. Dodo
3. Albatross
4. Peahen

Answer : B
2. Who is the Chairman and CEO of McCann-Erickson India?
1. Sushil Khanna
2. Ritujoy Chakraborty
3. Sanjay Mukherjee
4. Ritesh Singhal

Answer : B
3. Who is the Chairman of Hindustan Lever Limited?
1. MSV Banga
2. Keki B Dadisheth
3. Arun Adhikari
4. Harish Manwani

Answer : A
4. Who is the chairman of HDFC?
1. Deepak Parekh
2. Y M Deosthalee
3. Janki Ballabh
4. Samir Arora

Answer : A
5. Who is the chairman of State Bank of India?
1. Janki Ballabh
2. Deepak Parekh
3. Rajendra Pawar
4. None of these

Answer : A
6. Who is the chairman of NIIT?
1. Jerry Rao
2. John Reed
3. Rajendra Pawar
4. Harish Menon

Answer : C
7. What was Reckitt and Coleman renamed as?
1. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd
2. Reckitt Switzer (India) Ltd
3. Reckitt Bayer (India) Ltd
4. It was not renamed

Answer : A
8. Who is the chairman of ICICI Bank Ltd?
1. N Vaghul
2. K V Kamath
3. Y C Deveshwar
4. Lalit Gupte

Answer : B
9. Who is the chairman of ITC Ltd?
1. Y C Deveshwar
2. Deosthalee
3. Madhu Singhania
4. Pratap C Reddy

Answer : A
10. Who is the US ambassador to India?
1. Jack Straw
2. Robert Blackwill
3. John Ashcroft
4. Peter Warburg

Answer : B

1. Who is India’s ambassador to the US?
1. Montek Singh Ahluwalia
2. Lalit Mansingh
3. Suraj Parekh
4. Rajat Gupta

Answer : B
2. Novartis was born out of the merger of the following two companies
1. Glaxo and Sandoz
2. Ciba and Sandoz
3. Ciba and Smithkline
4. Smithkline and Glaxo

Answer : B
3. Who is the chairman of Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Healthcare India Ltd?
1. Bob Williams
2. B V Patel
3. Rajesh Sinha
4. Kevin Parker

Answer : B
4. Brent Index is associated with which commodity?
1. Crude oil prices
2. Copper futures price
3. Gold futures price
4. Shipping rate index

Answer : A
5. Justice and Development Party of Turkey won the recent elections held in November 200 Who heads the party?
1. Recep Tayyip Erdogan
2. Bulent Ecevit
3. Necdet Sezer
4. Necdet Sezer

Answer : A
6. Approximately what was the quantum of the trade deficit of US for the financial year ending Dec 2001?
1. USD 245 bn
2. USD 720 bn
3. USD
4. 1 tn
5. USD 412 bn

Answer : D
7. What is the currency of Argentina?
1. Peso
2. Dollar
3. Dinar
4. Koruny

Answer : A
8. Which country is the famous mobile phone manufacturer head quartered?
1. Finland
2. Switzerland
3. Sweden
4. Germany

Answer : A
9. Who won the Australian Open 2002 Women’s singles?
1. Martina Hingis
2. Jennifer Capriati
3. Venus Williams
4. Monica Seles

Answer : B
10. Which company launched the first mobile phone operation in India?
1. Bharti Airtel
2. Essar
3. Max Touch
4. Modi Telstra

Answer : D

1. Which famous inventor ranks second in the number of patents registered?
1. Thomas Alva Edison
2. James Watt
3. Albert Einstein
4. Edwin Land

Answer : D
2. In terms of overall advertising spends, which country is the second largest in the world, with only the US ahead of it?
1. UK
2. China
3. Japan
4. France

Answer : C
3. Which organisation is the world’s largest employer?
1. General Motors
2. General Electric
3. China Electric Company
4. Indian Railways

Answer : D
4. Which mobile phone service provider has taken over from JT Mobile and launched its services in Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh last year?
1. BPL Mobile
2. Orange
3. AirTel
4. Reliance Telecom

Answer : C
5. Which air route has the highest level of international passenger traffic in the world?
1. London-New York
2. London-Paris
3. NewYork-Singapore
4. Dubai-London

Answer : B
6. Which leading Indian tyre company owns Vikrant Tyres after its takeover in the late 1990s?
1. MRF
2. Modi Stone
3. Dunlop
4. JK Tyres

Answer : D
7. Which industrial family owns the majority stake in the successful Hero group, a leader in the motorcycle segment in the country in collaboration with Honda, Japan?
1. Hinduja
2. Munjal
3. Firodia
4. Singhania

Answer : B

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