Centre for Continuing Education Class 10th Syllabus | CCE Class 10th Syllabus for Term 1 and Term 2 Examination 2010

Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) Class 10th Syllabus 2010-2011 for Term 1 and Term 2

CCE Syllabus for class 10 Science for session 2010-2011 prescribed for First Term (April 2010 to September 2010) and Second Term (October 2010 to March 2011) issued by CBSE, New Delhi.

As per CCE guidelines the syllabus of Science for classes IX & X has been divided term wise. The units specified for each term shall be assessed through both Formative and Summative assessments. In each term, there will be two formative assessments each carrying 10% weightage. The summative assessment in the first term will carry 20% weightage and the summative assessment in the second term will carry 40% weightage. Hands on practical examination will be conducted through formative assessment once in every term with 20% weightage of total term marks. Assessment of Practical skills through MCQ will carry 20% weightage in every term end summative assessment.

First Term (April 2010 to September 2010)

There will be TWO FORMATIVE and ONE SUMMATIVE test in first term. Formative assessments (F1 and F2) will carry total 20 marks (10 marks each) and Summative assessment (S1) will carry 20 Marks.

Thus CCE first term will carry overall 40 Marks (10+10+20=40).

The following topics will be assessed in First Term:

Chemical Substances
Chemical reaction; Acids, bases and salts, Metals and Non Metals

World of living
Life process; control and coordination in animals and plants

Effects of current
Magnetic effects of currents

Natural Resources
Sources of Energy

Second Term (October 2010 to March 2011)

There will be TWO FORMATIVE and ONE SUMMATIVE test in second term. Formative assessments (F3 and F4) will carry total 20 marks (10 marks each) and Summative assessment (S2) will carry 40 Marks.

Thus CCE second term will carry overall 60 Marks (10+10+40=60).

The following topics will be assessed in Second Term:

Chemical Substances
Carbon compounds; Periodic classification of elements

World of living
Reroduction; Heridity and evolution

Natural Phenomena

Natural Resources
Conservation of natural resources; the regional environment; our environment

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  1. Ashish says:

    In physics only 1 chapter we have to study

  2. Ravi says:

    If there is no board exam for 10th class 2011,is it possible to get admission for 11th class in another state?

  3. Bhavna says:

    what is the plan put up by cce in class x and what r the syllabus decided by cce in ut for class x along the details.

  4. karan says:

    there will not be ut’s except that there will be formative and summative assessments which will be covered in two terms
    first term will cover 40 marks and second will cover 60

  5. vishal says:

    in class tenth physics tel me about light and electricty

    • Shivani Bhasin says:

      what about checking who will check our 2nd term exams and how many chapters will come in all subjects plz. send me detail in my email id

  6. Mallika Prasad says:

    Can any one tell me what is syallabus for first term of class 10th in social science

  7. Himanshu Murari says:

    Can any one tell me the syallabus of English and social science

  8. akash says:

    plese telllll me syallabu FOR 1st term of class 10th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Aayush says:

    What is the syllabus of 10th class cce of 1st term

  10. Ekansh says:

    NO one No that in 10th class light chaPter in Physics will come or no. i believes that u know so Please Please rePly me soon

  11. devansh tyagi says:

    what is the cce syllabus of class 10

  12. himali says:

    what about checking? who will check our 1st and 2nd term paper?????????

  13. Ria says:

    please tell me what about ‘light’ and’electricity’?

  14. rishu sandhu says:

    i think there is no need of cce it makes burden there is only semester system

  15. hema says:

    what the syllabus for sst tenth class.

  16. himanshu says:

    by this site i can understand the problem of triangles and by solving the question of triangle i am proud feel.so,thank you!!!!!!!!

  17. sophia alexruso says:

    on which day there will be submative exam for 10th class?

  18. Aishwarya says:

    the circular 12..2010..cbse.nic.in..givs da syllabus..u can get it from der…

  19. nitika says:

    i want the pattern of all subjects of claa10th

  20. shivam says:

    good day sir please new change to the 10th class to
    cbsc 2011bord hoge ya nahe

  21. RUCHI PATHAK says:

    will it possible to take addmision in 11 class without any test if there is not any board exams.

  22. saurav mishra says:

    how will i get admission in super30and inouter school if exams are not held?????i dont want to study in dav

  23. Shivam says:

    where do I find syllabus of summative test1 for class 10th

  24. Subham says:

    will the summative 1 question paper will come from out side

  25. shubham jain says:

    oye tu pagal hai kya

  26. MICHELLE TIGGA says:

    the new cce pattern shoes dat cce has reduced d tension of students bt i’m sry 2 say dat it has increased the student’s pressure

  27. rishabh says:

    can any one give me syllabus for sa1 for class 10th before 15

  28. amrit says:

    cce is bekar.bakwasss….time wastess

  29. harsha says:

    for all the students don’t take worry about it only u want to study ncrt u will get above 90 marks

  30. priya says:

    if we are giving board exam then will the paper go out of the state to be checked?and will the marks of sa1 0r fas affect grades we achieve after boards?

  31. anagha says:

    please tell me the potions for 2nd term for the subjecta – maths , english , social and sanskrit

  32. siddharth says:

    it was written that 1st term will be from april to september 2010 and there will be 3 exams. But i have given only two exams. i have not given fa2. in my school , only sa1 and fa1 occurs.

  33. Ruchika says:

    can you tell me the syllabus of S2

  34. chayanit says:

    why have u cutted d cbse board from 10th class

  35. chayanit says:

    where i will get d syllabus for all subjects of summative assesment2 for10th class

  36. shweta jayant says says:

    will the formative assesment 3 and 4 question paper will come from outside

  37. shagun says:

    where do I find syllabus of formative test3 for class 10th

  38. shashwat jha says:


  39. shashwat jha says:


  40. rahul says:

    how we get mcq of class10th

  41. nupoor gupta says:

    what the syallabus for sst 10th class

  42. nupoor gupta says:

    what is the syallabus of 10th class for science

  43. tanay says:

    why sky are blue in colour

  44. Priya says:

    I must advice that Kapil Sibbal should visit to a qualified doctor, so that in future he don’t take any bad decision.He has distruped our education system.What is this bloody nonsense cce?Who is he to intervene India’s future?cce is meant for all slaves of teachers.

  45. sara says:

    is this system better 4 us?

  46. Mohitraj says:

    Please tell my friends .can i change the school after exam-please give ideas

  47. nehal says:

    i am in class x. my overall grade in maths and science is C1 but can i get admission in 11th science if i get A1 in maths and science in my final exams

  48. NIDHI says:

    itssss gd tht there is no board in 10 cbse , now the syllabus is nt so lenghty and v cn covr it fast by their own

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