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The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) at S.A.S Nagar (Mohali) has been created as Centre of Excellence in imparting higher education, research and development in pharmaceutical sciences and is the first Institute of its kind in country. The Institute was declared as an Institute of National Importance by Government of India through an Act of Parliament, notified on 26th June 1998. The Institute is a member of the Association of Indian Universities and Association of Common wealth Universities.

In the year 2007 Government of India established four more NIPERs at the following locations with the help of mentor Institutes:-

Ahmedabad [Mentor Institute- B. V. Patel Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development (PERD) Centre],

Hajipur (Mentor Institute- Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences),

Hyderabad (Mentor Institute- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology) and

Kolkata (Mentor Institute- Indian Institute of Chemical Biology).


NIPER, Ahmedabad

Biotechnology, Natural Products, Pharmaceutics

NIPER, Guwahati
Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmacy Practice

NIPER, Rae Barelli
Medicinal Chemistry , Pharmaceutics

NIPER, Hajipur

Biotechnology, Pharmacoinformatics, Pharmacy Practice

NIPER, Hyderabad
Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology & Toxicology

NIPER, Kolkata
Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products, Pharmacoinformatics

NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar

Biotechnology, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Management, Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology), Pharmaceutical Technology (Bulk Drugs), Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulations), Pharmaceutics, Pharmacoinformatics, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmacy Practice, Regulatory Toxicology, Traditional Medicine

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