Patna University Colleges

Colleges of Patna University

Name of the College Principal Telephone/Mobile Number Email Id

B.N. College Dr. Raj Kishore Prasad 0612-2300619/ 9934417105

College of Arts & Craft Dr. Atul Aditya Pandey (Incharge) 2235348

M.M. College Dr. Dolly Sinha 0612-2219454/2322243 9431023670

Patna College Dr. L. K. Pd. Singh 9334357538/9386253660

Patna Science College Dr. Kashi Nath 0612-6453576/ 9334125365

Patna Training College Dr. Ashutosh Kumar 0612-2302037/ 9334319468

Patna Women’s College Dr. Sister Doris D’Souza A.C. 0612-2531186/2539809

Patna Law College Dr. Rakesh Verma 0612-2670510/ 9430448939

Vanijya Mahavidyalaya Dr. Umesh Mishra 0612-2670782/ 9431049269

Women’s Training College Dr. Monawwar Jahan 0612-2218809/2590859 9931231831

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