Leadership skills and pure qualities of a Leader

Leadership is a quality which emerges  with a Clear intention in mind of Why, How, and by Whom he/she wants to achieve the Organizational  goals. Some People are born leaders while  others  follow sum key personality traits in order to become a Successful leader. It is the quality of a person by which the organization or a company can boosts its sales and profit.From every  organization it is the crux to leaders.It is also said that leaders also follow someone to make a footprint to success.

 Characteristics of a Leader

  • Confidence: It is the most important part of a leader that whatever the task he/she is delegating must work with proper execution within the time limits.
  • Honesty: Being open and truthful with those underneath the leadership level will help the employees to know where they stand.

When it comes to honesty, keeping a certain standard will open the door for everyone in the office to uphold the same values of being open and honest as well.

  • Commitment: A Great leader will show commitment towards a brand or a cause. He will lead the project by giving examples which leaders followed for good work ethic environment.
  • Communication: A leader must has vision to express and communicate to all employees at all levels with two way communication of listening and understanding others objectives.
  • Ability to Delegate: The leader must have the ablity to delegate task at hand and finish on time. And it is very important for a leader to understand the strengths and weakness of each members. Utilizing these strengths will allow everyone to grow and boost high morale during times when its required the most.
  • Positive Attitude: It is also the one of the most important traits of a leader to be filled with high energy levels and provide solutions to team members .Offering snacks or coffee will add a bit and cheer to the environment. A person who is cheerful and positive is often more likely to put forth their best effort, even if it requires them to stay an extra hour or two to complete the project at hand
  • Take Responsibility: As a part of team member he/she should take responsibility for his success or failures. He should encourage team  when it is required the most. He should be a mentor to learn from failure not to repeat again and meanwhile find solutions how to fix it.
  • Ability to Inspire: This one of the greatest traits that often leaders lack of which Organizational goals fails. Its the duty of leader to inspire their team

members and give credits for the accomplishment of task at hand.

  • Be Supportive: Supportive at any cost with the team members builds trust and which in turn brings desired results. And supportive in time either dealing with personal or professional goals help and boost the morale of the office
  • Focus: As a team leader he should have correct vision and mission of the organization for achievement of organizational objectives. His objective must be to set clear priorities early in a great way to assure that the team knows where to set their focus.


 If your action inspires others to dream more,learn more,and become more ,you are a true leader


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