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Copyrights Reserved: we do not allow any website, blog, news papers or media sites to publish contents from and .

if we see any website, blog, news papers or media sites copying/scraping content from our websites, then we will initiate legal actions and may take them to court.

Plagiarism: You are allowed to copy only first 2 lines or 15 words with an link back to proper articles link in our website.
If you do not follow this, we will trace you and take action against you.

We will contact your host company, domain registration provider and advertiser(s) to bring your site down due plagiarism/scraping.

We have already successfully helped some sites getting their sites down since they involved in copying content from our sites.

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  • Sam October 27, 2010 at 3:50 pm Reply

    You yourself do copy from many sites. Your copy right notice is copied from Parinama

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