EdCET 2011 Paper of English Pattern and Syllabus

ENGLISH METHODOLOGY (Marks: 50+50=100)

A) Language Skills (Marks: 50)
i) Language functions
ii) Elements of phonetics
iii) Grammar
iv) Phrasal Verbs (idioms)
v) Writing Skills
vi) Study Skills
vii) Reference Skills
viii) Vocabulary
viii) Punctuations
(Questions to be set other than as in Part A General English.) (Marks: 50)
B) Syllabus prescribed for Optional English at B.A. Degree level (B.A., ML / Special English) 50 Questions (50 Marks).
(1) Language and Literature:
(a) Brief Survey of the English Language : Standardization : Word – formation, foreign influences (Latin, French, Scandinavian); Semantic Changes (relevant chapters from the Outline History of the English Language by F.T. Wood)
(b) Understanding / Comprehension
(i) of a literacy prose passage
(ii) of a poem
(2) Forms of poetry: evolution, kinds and variations:
Sonnet : : Wordworth “Scorn not the Sonnet”.
Ode : : Shelley “Ode to the West Wind”
Elegy : : Gray “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”
Balled : : Yeats “The Balled of Father Giligen”
Lyric : : Robert Burns “A Red, Red Rose”
Dramatic : : Browing “My Last Duches Monologue
(3) Element of Drama :
Plot/Structure : : Farrell Mitchell “The Best Laid Plans”
Character : : J.B. Priestly “Mother’s Day”
Dialogue : : Anton Chekov “The Marriage Proposal”
(4) Elements of Fiction :
Point of View : : Khushwant Singh “The Interview”
Setting/Atmosphere : : Edgar Allen Poe “The Tell-Talc Heart”
Style/Narrative : : O Henry “The Gift of the Magi” Techniques
(5) A. Poetry from the Elizabethan age to the Pre-Romantic
B. Spenser : : Sonnet “One Day I Wrote Her Name”
Milton : : “L’allegro”
Donne :: “The Canonization”
Pope : : Extract from “The Rape of the Lock”
(Cantos I & II)
Blake : : “The School Boy”
(6) A. Development of drama : 16th and 17th Century British Drama
B. Shakespeare : : Othello
(7) Prose : Origin and Development of the Essay; kinds
B. Bacon : : “Of Youth and Age”
Steele :: “One Judicious Flattery”
Lamb : : “Dream Children”
Chesterton : : “On Lying in Bed”
(8) A. Fiction: Origin and Development of the Novel
B. Jane Austen : : Pride and Prejudice
Indian Writing in English – Indian English Literature
(9) Origin and growth of Indian English Literature.
(10) Poetry for detailed study.
1. Sri Aurobindo – Though The Paraclete
2. Toru Dutt – Sita
3. Nissim Ezekiel – Very Indian Poem in Indian English
4. A.K. Ramanjuan – The Hindoo: he reads his GITA and is calm at all events.
5. K.N. Daruwalla – The Epileptic
6. Gouri Desh Pande – The female of the Species

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