EdCET 2011 Syllabus

1. Reading Comprehension.
2. Correction of Sentences, Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Spelling.
3. Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms.
4. Transformation of Sentences – Simple, Compound and Complex. Voices, Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.

1. Questions will be designed to test the ability of the candidate’s general knowledge of the environment around him and its
application to society.
2. Questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of every day observation and
experience in their scientific outlook as is expected of an educated person.
3. The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighboring Countries especially pertaining to History, Culture,
Geography, Ecology, Economics, General Policy and Scientific Research.
4. Teaching requires certain characteristics like ability to communicate, ability to deal with Children, ability to recognise individual differences etc., apart from analytical thinking and general intelligence. One who has these characteristics will be able to become a good teacher after training. Questions relating to these aspects will be included to test one’s teaching aptitude.

PART – C: One of the following subjects to be opted:
1. Mathematics (MS)
2. Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) (PS)
3. Biological Sciences (Botany and Zoology) (BS)
4. Social Studies (Geography, History, Civics and Economics) (SS)
(For these four subjects Syllabus shall be of graduation level (revised common core degree syllabus) visit www.edcet2011.com, www.osmania.ac.in
5. English [Special English in B.A.]

The Syllabus for Part C for Subject: English shall cover
a) Syllabus pertaining to English for Classes VIII, IX and X and that for the Two- Year Intermediate course of A.P -50 Questions (50 Marks)
i) Language functions
ii) Elements of Phonetics
iii) Grammer
iv) Phrasal Verbs (ideoms)
v) Writing skills
vi) Study skills
vii) Reference skills
b) Syllabus Prescribed for Optional English at B.A. Degree Level (B.A.Special English)/ ML Syllabus in
English-50 Questions (50 marks)

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