DAVV UG/PG Exam Time Table 2011

DEVI AHILYA VISHWAVIDYALAYA, INDORE Published The Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) Exam Time Table 2011.

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BBA (Full Time) 3 Yrs. Program 2nd Semester Syllabus


BB201 Business communication
BB202 Human Resource Management
BB203 Economics-II
BB204 Financial Management
BB205 English
BB206 Management Information System

Business communication BB 201
Objective: to generate understanding of communication process and develop communication
skills among the students.
Scheme: 20 marks for internal evaluation. The assessment shall be done on the basis of test,
case and assignments. External examination shall be of 80 marks for two sections section A
& B. The section A shall have 6 questions, questions shall be of logical and analytical type.
Emphasis shall be on real life situation based questions rather direct theory based questions.
Out of 6 questions 4 shall be solved for 64 marks and there shall be a case for 16 marks in
section B.
Communication-Defining communication, Process of communication, Communication
Model, Objectives of communication, Principles of communication, Importance of Business
communication, Importance Feed back,
Channels of communication, Types of communication, Dimensions of communication, Barriers
to communication Verbal, Non-Verbal, Formal, Informal communication.
Fundamental of Bussiness writing, Format of Bussiness, Types of Business letter, Inquiry
letter, complaint letter Persuasive letter, Proposal, Report Writing.
Employment Messages Writing Resume, Application letter, Writing the opening paragraph,
Writing the closing paragraph, summarizing
Spoken skills Conducting Presentation, Oral presentation, Debates, Speeches, Interview,
Group Discussion, English Pronunciation, Building Vocabulary.
Barriers to Effective Communication and ways to overcome them, Listening:Importance of
Listening, Types of Listening , Barriers to Listening and overcoming them, Listening
situations, Developing Listening Skills,
Text Books
1. M.K. Sehgal, Managerial communication, Excel Books, 2010
2. Rohini Aggarwal, Business Communication,Organisation Management,Taxmann,2010
3. P.D. Chaturvedi, Business Communication Concepts Cases & Applications,1e Pearson Education
4. Abha Sharma Remedial English, Acme Learning
5. Shalini Sharma Concepts of professional Communication, Acme Learning
6. Penrose, Business Comunication for Managers, 5th edition, Cengage Learning, India

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