Manipal University Online Entrance Test 2011 Dates

Manipal University Online Entrance Test 2011 Dates



MBBS, BDS, BE, BPharm, PharmD

01.04.2011 to 22.05.2011

BHM, BA Clulinary Arts, BA Journalism & Communication, BBM e-Banking

03,10,17,24th April, 2011

Master of Physiotherapy
Master of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
MSc Nursing

23.05.2011 to 17.06.2011

MPharm, PharmD Post Baccalaureate

23.05.2011 to 17.06.2011

MTech –
Computer Science
Computer Science & Information Security
Digital Electronics & Advanced Communication
Network Engineering
Network Engineering [Dual]
Software Engineering
Software Engineering [Dual]
Micro Electronics
Computer Aided Mechanical Design & Analysis
Manufacturing Engineering & Technology
Industrial Biotechnology
Construction Engineering
Structural Engineering
Astronomy & Space Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Control Systems
Energy Management Auditing & Lighting
Environmental Engineering
Power Electronic Systems & Control
Printing & Media Engineering
Printing & Media Technology [Dual]

23.05.2011 to 17.06.2011

MS –
Embedded Systems
Medical Software
VLSI {Whizchip}
Dual Degree -LU, UK
Dual Degree -SU,UK
Embedded Systems & Instrumentation (ESIGELEC) [Dual ]
Embedded & Wireless Technology

23.05.2011 to 17.06.2011

MSc Medical (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology & Human Genetics, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine and Clinical Embryology Virology)

22.06.2011 to 29.06.2011



MS Communication, PG Diploma in Corporate Communication


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