MDU Exam Date Sheet March/April 2011

Theory date sheet for B.A. / B.Sc. Part-I Annual Examination commencing w.e.f. 28.3.2011 in respect of the following categories:-
Time of Exam. : 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Centre of Exam. : As per Roll No. Slip & Building Notic

Date Subject

28.03.2011 1- Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry)
2- Computer Application (Computer Fundamental &
Introduction to IBM PC)
3- Tourism Product

29.03.2011 1- Functional English Communicative Eng.-I (Phonetics)
2- Chemistry (Physical Chemistry)
3- Home Sc. (Home Mgt) (2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.)

30.3.2011 1- Statistics (Descriptive Statistics)
2- Art (History & Appreciation of Art

01.04.2011 1- Physics Mechanics, Properties of matter Kinetic Theory and
2- Zoology Life and Diversity of Animals (Invertebrates) (Protozoa
to Helminthes) and Cell Biology.

02.04.2011 1- English
2- English (for B.Sc. only

04.04.2011 1- Math-I (for B.Sc. only) (Algebra & Trigonometry)
2- Music (V)
3- Type-writing Theory English / Hindi
4- Tourism Business

05.04.2011 English

06.04.2011 1- Geography
2- Home Sc. (Hygiene & Applied Sc) (2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.)
3- Philosophy opt.
i) Outline of Philosophy (Indian & Western)
ii) Epistemology & Metaphysics (Indian & Western)
4- Music (Inst)
5- Marketing
6- English (Remedial Grammar)
7- Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
8- Marketing Communication

07.04.2011 1- Insurance
2- Functional Hindi (Raj Bhasha Niti Avam Hindi Sanrachna)
3- Botany (Diversity of Microbes & Cryptogams)
4- Operating System & Business Data Processing
5- History of Art

08.04.2011 1- Sanskrit )
2- Punjabi )
3- Urdu )
4- Hindi )
5- Additional English (in lieu of Hindi for foreign students)

09.04.2011 1- Functional Hindi (Anuvad Sidhant Avam Vyavhar Paksh)
2- Botany (Cell Biology & Genetics)
3- Sociology
4- Ancient & Indian History Culture & Archaeology
5- Math-II (for B.Sc. only) (Calculus & Ordinary Differential
6- Anthropology (Pre-Historic Archaelogy)

11.04.2011 1- Psychology (Experimental Psychology)
2- Electronics
3- Computer Sc. (Computer Fundamental & Programming in C)
4- Fundamental of Information Technology
5- Geology (General & Physical Geology

12.04.2011 1- History (Opt.-I) History of India (From earliest times to (AD
2- History (Opt.-II) History of Haryana
5- Anthropology (Physical Anthropology)

13.04.2011 Public Admn.

14.04.2011 Economics

15.04.2011 1- Pol. Sc. Opt i) Political theory
ii) Political Theory Concpets
2- Physics (Electricity Magnetism, Electromagnetic theory and
Electronics devices)
3- Zoology Life & Diversity of Animals (Invertebrates) (Annelid to
Hemichordate) and Genetics

16.04.2011 Math-I (Algebra & Trigonometry) for B.A only

18.04.2011 Mathematics (Victor Analysis and Geometry) for B.Sc only

19.04.2011 1- Defence Studies (World Military History Earliest times to 1789-AD)
2- Punjabi )
3- Hindi )
4- Sanskrit ) Elective
5- Urdu )
6- Applied Art
7- Commerce (Elements of Commerce)
8- Electronics
9- Computer Arch & Networking
10- C Programming Language
11- Geology (Crystallography & Mineralogy

20.04.2011 1- Indian Classical Dance
2- Statistics-II Probability theory
3- Short hand Theory
4- Advertising

21.04.2011 Math-II (Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equation)

22.04.2011 Health & Physical Education.

23.04.2011 Math-III (Victor Analysis & Geometry)

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