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Examination Circular No. 19 of 2010
Programme of the S.Y.B.Com (2004 and 2008 Pattern) & T.Y.B.Com (2004 Pattern) (Including Vocational) Examination, April, 2010
1. Candidates are required to be present at the respective place of the examination fifteen minutes before the time of the first paper and ten minutes before the time of each subsequent paper.
2. Candidates are forbidden from taking any material in to the examination hall, that can be used for malpractice at the time of examination.
3. Candidates are requested to see the Notice-Board at their place of examination regularly for changes, if any, that may be notified later in the programme.
4. No request for any special concession such as a change in time or any day fixed for the University Examination etc. on religious or any other ground shall be granted.
5. The use of non-programmable calculator is pemitted.
6. The Centers and places of the examination will be as follows :
Click Here for Download TYBCOM March/April 2011 Examination Center

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. PRAMOD DHOPAT says:

    hollticket no : 20012
    please tell me it urgent

  2. athirumalesh says:

    hal tiket no 1334

  3. priyanka rawool says:

    hallticket no.89540. pls. tell me the centre of examination.

  4. Harshala Moreshwer Patil says:

    hall ticket no.81476. pls give me centre address. Thank You.

  5. sandeep dhon says:

    My Center No – 03
    Collage code – 210
    Seat No – 11727

  6. Isha Khopatkar says:

    hall ticket No.64933 pls give me centre of examination

  7. Vidula Vijay Kulkarni says:

    Hall ticket No.30591, entre No.4
    Pl. give me Exam college centre name pl.

  8. pooja Somnai says:

    pls let me knw the centre for hall ticket no. 35896

  9. Sunita Kasare says:

    Please give me my centre address. My hall ticket no. 86710

  10. vinod sheshrao nagre says:

    please give me my center address, my hall ticket no. 78747

  11. umesh says:

    give me a my center address for the t,y.,b.com( banking and insurance)2010

  12. umesh says:

    give me my t.y.b.com( banking and insurance) exam center 1974


    t.y.b.com 2010 result of commerse

  14. ashok bhawar says:

    Kindly let me know about my T.Y.B.Com. Exam. hall ticket for October, 2010 exam.

  15. Farhin Shaikh says:

    give me my center address for t.y.bcom
    seat no 2946

  16. punit chheda says:

    where is my centre. my halticket no. is 18075 and application id no. is 159

  17. bharti says:

    pls inform mi where is my exam centre of tybcom my seat no .65568

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