CEED Eligibility | Common Entrance Examination for Design Eligibility


The eligibility requirement for CEED examination are.

* Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent in any branch
* Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or equivalent
* Bachelor’s Degree in Design
* Interior Design Professional Diploma of CEPT (5 year program)
* BFA (professional course in Applied Art/ Fine Art)
* GD Art (5 year professional program)
* Professional Diploma of NID

Final year students in the above programmes are also eligible for CEED.

Age Limit : There is no age limit and you can take CEED any number of times. A fixed number of assistantships, based on merit, are available to pursue the programmes. Additional candidates if granted admission will have to organize for finance/ sponsorships on their own.


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  1. pallavi gupta says:

    i am studentof b.tech 3rd yr. really looking forward for designing. i am creative, and gud in face sketching.will dis ceed exam is really dere for ma talent??

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