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The shortlisted candidates in the written test will be invited for Situation Test (only for Design programme ), Psychometric Test (for masters programmes in technology & management programmes), Group Discussion (GD) and personal interview at designated centres.

Situation Test : Shortlisted candidates from the written entrance examination are required to undergo a Situation Test which is a hands-on test to evaluate the candidate’s skills for material handling and innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials.

Psychometric Test : This is an assessment test that measures the general competencies. The competencies measured fall into two groups : Task Oriented and People Oriented Competencies. This assessment test measures both the task and people oriented competencies.
The Task Oriented Competencies measured are Analytical Thinking, Global Perspective, Innovation , Learn ability , Planning and Organising, Problem Solving, Process Oriented, Strategic Thinking
The People oriented competencies measured are Communication, Coordination, Leadership, Negotiation Skills, Teamwork

Group Discussion : Group Discussions would entail a discussion comprising of approximately 15 to 20 minutes of discussion on a case study given on which a panel of experts will assess the candidates on parameters like :
1) Conceptual clarity;
2) Knowledge of the topic assigned;
3) Contribution made on the topic to the group;
4) Interpersonal skills ;
5) Ability to generate new ideas;
6) Problem solving approach;
7) Leadership qualities; 8) Effective communication

Personal Interview : A candidate is judged on the various parameters like:
1) Career orientation ; 2) Aptness for the field ; 3) Overall personality traits ; 4) Overall personal achievements in academics and co-curricular activities ; 5) Communication; 6) General awareness and aptitude.

The weightage assigned to each test in the final merit list of the entrance examination will be as under:

Test Weightage
Bachelor Programmes
Design GAT 40%
CAT 40%
Situation Test 20%
Apparel Production GAT 60%
MAT 40%
Masters Programmes
Management GAT 35%
MAT 35%
Group Discussion 10%
Psychometric Test 10%
Personal Interview 10%
Apparel Production GAT 35%
MAT 35%
Group Discussion 10%
Psychometric Test 10%
Personal Interview 10%
In case of the score being equal, the older candidate according to the date of birth will be given preference.

Reservation of Seats :
The seats reserved for SC / ST / Physically Handicapped Candidates (PHP) / Foreign Nationals / SAARC / NRI, in each programme are :
SC – 15%; ST – 7.5%; Physically Handicapped – 3% (with 40% or more disability); Foreign Nationals/SAARC/NRI – 15% (supernumerary).

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  1. parita says:

    I wantd to ask u tht wht should i do in my 11th n 12th so tht if is easier fr me to concentrate plus my goal of gettin into NIFT can be achived…..can u plz guide me on this…n i also wanted to know wht are the procedures after my college for NIFT

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