GATE Examination Syllabus-(CH)Chemical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics: Determinants and matrices, system of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Calculus – mean value theorems of integral calculus, partial, total and directional derivatives, maxima and minima. Sequences and series, convergence, Fourier series.

Vector calculus – gradient, divergence and curl, line, surface, and volume integrals, Green, Gauss and Stokes’ theorems.

Ordinary differential equations – first order equations linear and nonlinear equations, higher order linear equations with constant coefficients, initial and boundary value problems, Laplace transforms.

Complex analysis – complex numbers, polar form of complex numbers, powers and roots, limit, derivative, analytical functions.

Probability and statistics – concept of probability, mean and variance, linear regression analysis

Process Calculations and Thermodynamics: Laws of conservation of mass and energy; use of tie components; recycle, bypass and purge calculations; degree of freedom analysis.

First and Second laws of thermodynamics and their applications; equations of state and thermodynamic properties of real systems; phase equilibria; fugacity, excess properties and correlations of activity coefficients; chemical reaction equilibria.

Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations: Fluid statics, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, Bernoulli equation, Macroscopic friction factors, energy balance, dimensional analysis, shell balances, flow through pipeline systems, flow meters, pumps and compressors, packed and fluidized beds, elementary boundary layer theory, size reduction and size separation; free and hindered settling; centrifuge and cyclones; thickening and classification, filtration, mixing and agitation; conveying of solids.

Heat Transfer: Conduction, convection and radiation, heat transfer coefficients, steady and unsteady heat conduction, boiling, condensation and evaporation; types of heat exchangers and evaporators and their design.

Mass Transfer: Fick’s law, molecular diffusion in fluids, mass transfer coefficients, film, penetration and surface renewal theories; momentum, heat and mass transfer analogies; stagewise and continuous contacting and stage efficiencies; HTU & NTU concepts design and operation of equipment for distillation, absorption, leaching, liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, drying, humidification, dehumidification and adsorption.

Chemical Reaction Engineering: Theories of reaction rates; kinetics of homogeneous reactions, interpretation of kinetic data, single and multiple reactions in ideal reactors, non-ideal reactors; residence time; non-isothermal reactors; kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions; diffusion effects in catalysis. Instrumentation and Process Control: Measurement of process variables; sensors, transducers and their dynamics, dynamics of simple systems, dynamics such as CSTRs, transfer functions and responses of simple systems, process reaction curve, controller modes (P, PI, and PID); control valves; analysis of closed loop systems including stability, frequency response (including Bode plots) and controller tuning, cascade, feed forward control.

Plant Design and Economics: Design and sizing of chemical engineering equipment such as compressors, heat exchangers, multistage contactors; principles of process economics and cost estimation including total annualized cost, cost indexes, rate of return, payback period, discounted cash flow, optimization in Design.

Chemical Technology: Inorganic chemical industries; sulfuric acid, NaOH, fertilizers (Ammonia, Urea, SSP and TSP); natural products industries (Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Oil, and Fats); petroleum refining and petrochemicals; polymerization industries; polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and polyester synthetic fibers.

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  1. mukesh kumar says:

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    helo sir this amresh kumar singh from delhi i want to know about the syllabus of chemical engg.(diploma 2nd semester)delhi.

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    sir…please send me d gate syllabus And gate prescribed books for chemical engg……for this act i m highly obliged

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    I bought GATE 2010 Chemical engineering book by G K publishers, but it contains loads of errors…can you suggest me any other books ?


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    plz publish old paper of chemical engineering and books also

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