1. Sushil bhadula says:

    I am sushil bhadula and have passed my M.sc (zoology) and want to qualify the GATE i want coorect knowledge of the same.

    sushil bhadula

  2. satish singh says:

    student of b.tech 2nd year in me branch. how to prepare in gate examination.

  3. Ravindra Madhukar Khot says:

    I am ravindra khot and have passed my Bsc(physics) and want to qualify the GATE. I Want details about it.

  4. ambika says:

    iam ambika.i am passed M.sc(chemistry).i want to know gate details for chemistry and referance books

    • siva says:

      you search for internet some idea is given and also some referance e-book is avaliable

    • S DEWANGAN says:

      GATE Chemestry by Kulshrestha and Taneja
      Gate Life Science Chemistry (compulsory) – Gate Guide 2010
      Gate Life Science Chemistry (compulsory) – Gate Guide 2010
      by Prabhanshu Kumar, Santosh Kumar Rai (Paperback – 2006)

  5. abirami says:

    i am doing m.sc-chemistry.how to prepare gate exam.

  6. p naga subbareddy says:

    i am studying m.c.a third semester tell me about gate notification and what is the syllabus to me ,how to apply gate exam.

  7. azhar says:

    i am student of btech 2nd year CS branch
    how to prepare for gate

  8. lathasree says:

    i am mca completed student. i want to do M.Tech. i want the syllbus of computer applications.at the same how to prepare for gate exam.

  9. lathasree says:

    i am mca completed student. i want to do M.Tech in computer applications. i want the syllbus and how to prepare for gate exam.

  10. Bipin chaturvedi says:

    I am passed Msc(biotech).how to prepare get entrance exeam.

  11. Rahul Debnath says:

    how do i can get the modified syllabus of biotechnology in 2010?

  12. sagar says:

    sir am student of bioinformatics final year ..now am intend to gate 2010 xam ..what subject i have to choose for M.tech bioinformatics……..

  13. Jiten sharma says:

    I am a student of Msc(Biotech). how to prepare for gate 2010?

  14. vijaya.nalamati says:

    how can i get present syllabus for electrical and electronics in 2010

  15. Dolly sinha says:

    Sir how to prepare gate xam.plz. Give me suggestion

  16. jay shah says:

    sir,please tell me refrencebooks of this exam.

  17. anupama says:

    is XL branch of gate gives m.sc degree or m. tech degree?

  18. arun sharma says:

    sir i want whole gate syllabus of biotechnology. please send on my email

  19. swapnil arjun kamble says:

    respected sir, I am second year engg. student .so I want information about GATE exam.
    please ,send it on my email.

  20. abhisekh says:

    I have completed my B.Sc in computer sc. I want to do M.Tech in computer science. I want to know the GATE details and the syllabus.
    please send me some suggestions and details.

  21. max says:

    can u send me the gate syllabus for bioinformatics

  22. indumathi says:

    i am studying 3yr B.E. what are the procedure to apply for gate exam?
    where i can get application forms and when?

  23. A.ARUL says:

    How to prepare GATE exam

  24. anu saxena says:

    i want to know the gate result

  25. ramanuj says:

    i am B.Tech 3th year machanical engg.

  26. Piyush Pandey says:

    i m in b.tech(bioinformatics) i want to know my gate sylabus..

  27. sarika gaikwad says:

    I have completed Msc.in Environmental Science. I want to do M-tech in Energy engineering.Please send me suggestion and Details

  28. umapathi says:

    hi sir iam studing mca 2 year i want to details about M.Tec sylllabus please inform to me
    thanku sir

  29. R Sujith Nair says:


  30. NILESH MONDE says:

    I am doing MCA. I want to do M-tech in computer.Plz send me suggestion and details

  31. praveena says:

    i am doing be computer science, in 3rd year…i want to know if i can get through GATE for mtech bioinforamtics with computer science as my main subject?

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