GATE General Aptitude Syllabus | GATE GA Syllabus


Verbal Ability: English grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning and verbal deduction.

Numerical Ability: Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation.


New Paper introduced in GATE 2010: Biotechnology (BT) has been introduced as an independent paper from GATE 2010.
Common Component of General Aptitude (GA) introduced in GATE 2010: Each GATE paper shall have a common General Aptitude (GA) component carrying 15 marks from GATE 2010.

Papers to be discontinued from GATE 2010 onwards:
Due to introduction of an independent paper in Biotechnology (BT), the Biotechnology section in Life Sciences (XL) paper has been discontinued from GATE 2010.
There will not be GATE 2010 examination in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PY) paper. For more information about the organization which will be conducting a GATE like examination for PY

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  1. arghyakusum mukherjee says:

    i will b appearing for gate’ sir i want to know what is the syllabus for general aptitude portion..i will b highly gladful if you mention the syllabus in my mail account

  2. nitin chaddha says:

    hi…sir i will be appearing for gate2011,i want to know the syllabus of GA for CS.and its marking schedule.i will be thankfull if you send this information on my mail id………..

  3. vandita kaushik says:

    hello sir… i will we appearing in GATE 2011.I want to know the syllabus of aptitude portion in GATE exam, and it’s marking schedule,i’ll be very thankful if you send this information on my email id.

  4. Anirudh Singh says:

    Hello sir, i’ll be appearing in GATE 2012,Iwant to know the GATE aptitude syllabus. I am pursuing through Agriculture branch. please send information on my e-mail id.
    i’ll be verygratefull to you

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