NDA Sample Question Papers

1. If A ={I, 2, {3, 4}, 5}, then the correct statement is :

A. {3, 4} Î A

B. {3, 4} Ï A

C. {3, 4} Ì A

D. { {3, 4} } Ì A

2. If D be subset of the set of all rational numbers, which can be expressed as terminating decimals, then D is closed under the binary operations of

A. addition, subtraction and division

B. addition, multiplication and division

C. addition, subtraction and multiplication

D. subtraction, multiplication and division

3. Of the following sets, the one having exactly eight subsets, is:

A. {0, 1, 2}

B. {1, 2}

C. {8}

D. {1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}

4. The total number of subsets of the sets {1, 3, 5, 7}is :

A. 8

B. 10

C. 12

D. 16

5. The velocity of sound at 76 cm of pressure is 332 m/s If the pressure is

doubled, the velocity of sound becomes:

A. 166 m/s

C. 332 m/s

B. 664 m/s

D. 340 m/s

6. Sound produced by any of the methods may be essentially characterized

by its:

A. pitch

C. loudness

B. quality

D. all of these

7. Different sounds of the same loudness can be distinguished from the difference

in their:

A. frequencies

B. pitch

C. both of these

D. none of these

8. 1 hertz is equal to :

A. 1 m/s

B. 1 cm/s

C. 1 vibrations

D. 1 mm/s

9. When sound waves travel from air to water, the quantity that remains

unchanged is :

A. speed B. frequency

C. wavelength D. intensity

10. When sound waves travel from one medium to another, the characteristic which

remains unchanged is :

A. frequency B. speed

C. amplitude D. wavelength

Those which represent progressive waves include:

A. 1 and 2

B. 3 and 4

C.5 and 6

D. 2 and 4

12.Sound waves travel fastest in :.

A.brass B. hydrogen

C. oxygen D. water

13.Two sound waves passing through air have their wavelengths in the ratio

4: 5.Their frequencies are in the ratio:

A.4 : 5 B. 3 : 4

C. 5 : 4 D. I : I

14.Sound travels in gases in ‘the form of:

A.longitudinal waves only

B.transverse waves only

C. longitudinal as well as transverse waves

D.stationary waves

15. The line x + y =2 is tangent to the curve x 2 =3 – 2y at. its point

A. (1, 1)

B. (-1, 1)

c. (v3, 0)

D. (3, -3)

16. The distance between the lines 3x- 2y=1 and 6x + 9=4y is





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