RRB Recruitment Exam General Science and Technical Ability Syllabus

General Science
The questions on general science should be of class X standard. Thc questions will be basic in nature from Physics, Chemistry and Life science. Emphasis will be on application of theories and concepts covered in these suh,jects.
Technical ability for ALP
Questions will contain suitable proportion of common ask questions pertaining to 1’1’1 level fl”Om the following topics:

Technical ability for Technical posts
Questions from Diploma or Degree level of specific discipline .required for the post will be asked. Questions will cover majority of the area covered in the specific course. Thrust will be on application of various theories and concepts taught in the course.
In the occasions where examination of more than one category of technical posts arc clubbed, questions f.”om basic inter disciplinary engineering taught at the level of Diploma or Degree as per requirement will be asked. The detailed distribution in different cases will depend upon the specific posts c111bhcd for examination purpose. No separate section of question will be provided for different category of posts c1ubbed together

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    i need rrb and previous bank exam papers

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    which matetial used to make the piston

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