GPAT Paper 2010

Test Paper Code : GPAT
Time : 3 Hours Max.
Marks : 300
A. General :
1. This Question Booklet is your Questzon Paper.
2. This Question Booklet contains 16 pages (including blank pages) and has 100 questions. ‘ ”
3. The Question Booklet Code is printed on the right—hand top corner of this page.
4. The Question Booklet contains blank sheets for your rough work. No additional sheets will be provided for rough work.
5. Clip board, log tables, slide rule. calculator, cellular phone and electronic gadgets in any form are NOT allowed. –
6. VVrite your Name and Registration Number in the space provided at the bottom.
7. All answers are to be marked only on the machine gradable Optical Response Sheet (ORS) provided along with zizzs booklet. as per the instructions therein.
S. The Question Booklet along with ihe Optical Response Sheet (ORS) must be handed over to the lnvigilator before leaving the examination hall.
B. Filling-in the ORS :
9. Write your Registration Number in the boxes provided on the upper left-hand-side of the ORS and darken che appropriate bubble under each digit of your Registration Number using a HB pencil.
10. Ensure that the code on the Question Booklet and the code on the ORS are the same. ll` the codes do not match. report to the Invigilator inirnediately.
11. On the lower-left-hand-side of the ORS, write your Name, Registration Number and Name of the Test Centre and put your signature in the appropriate box with ball-point pen. Do not write these anywhere else.
C. Marking of Answers on the ORS :
12. Each question has 4 choices for its answer : (A), (B), (C) and (D). Only ONE of them is the correct answer.
13. On the right—hand—side of ORS. for each question number, darken with a HB Pencil ONLY one bubble coircsponding to what you consider to be the most appropriate answer, from among the four choices.
14. There will be negative marking for wrong answers.
(a) For each correct answer, you will be awarded 3 (Three) marks.
(b) For each wrong answer, you will be awarded -1 (Negative one) mark.
(c) Multiple answers to a question will be treated as a wrong answer.
(d) For each un-attempted question. you will be awarded
Q.1 The vitamin essential in tissue culture medium is
(A) Pyridoxine (B) Thiainine (C) Nicotinic acid (D) Inositol
Q.2 Gmg/ago biloba is used for its
(A) Expectorant activity (B) Lipid lowering activity
(C) PAF antagonistic activity (D) Antidepressant activity
Q.3 The amount of barbaloin present in Aloe rem is
(A) 5 1% (B) 3.5 — 4% (C) 1 — 1.5% _ (D) 2 – 2.5%
Q.4 Sildenafil is used for treatment of one of the following disorders 1
(A) Systolic hypertension (B) Unstable angina
(C) Pulmonary hypertension (D) Hypertension due to eclarnpsia
Q.6 Quassia wood is adulterated with
(A) Brucea ontidyscntrica (B) Cassie angustifoila
(C) Cinmunomum zcylonicmn (D) Cephaelis ipecocuanaho
Q.7 Eugenol is present in
(A) Fennel (B) Tulsi (C) Cardamom (D) Coriander
Q.8 Which one of the following drugs is prescribed for the treatment of Philadelphia chromosome positive patients with Chronic myeloid Leukemia?
(A) Pentostatin (B) Methotrexate
(C) lmatinib (D) L—Asparaginase

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