GRE Examination How to Apply

There are no specific dates or schedules for taking the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL. These are conducted round the year.The procedure is to first obtain a form and consequently register your self for the exam.

1. Ordering the form- Forms and their details are available (free of cost) at:

Institute of Psychological and Educational Measurement(IPEM) The United States Education Foundation in India (USEFI):
119/25-A, Mahatma Gandhi Marg Allahabad – 211001 (U.P.), IndiaPhone: 0532 – 624881, 623858 Fax: 0532 – 624637 E-mail : Website : Educational Advisor, USEFI, Fulbright House, 12 Hailey Road, New Delhi – 110 001 Phone : (011) 3328944 Fax : (011) 3329718 E-mail :
2. Registration : Thereafter, to register yourself for a particular test date, you can contact Sylvan Testing Services in New Delhi.

Address: Sylvan Testing Services Pvt. Ltd.
Senior Plaza 160-A, Gautam Nagar, 3rd Floor Yusuf Sarai,
Behind Indian Oil Building
New Delhi 110 049
Tel: 011-6511649 Fax: 011-6529741

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. SNEHAL says:


  2. VIVEK SINGH says:

    Is their any negative marking scheme.Number of question are 30+28+2 essay(writting comp.)so,how it can be interpreated as a total of 1600.also,mention what level of score is suited to take admission in dream university for M.TECH program.Please mention the scholarships criteria in details.

  3. VIVEK SINGH says:

    How I,can apply for GRE test.What is the fee of the form.Mention the test schedule along with test centres.Also,mention the mandotary things needed for the test .Mention any contact number through which I,can further contact according to my need.

  4. nancy chhabra says:

    is there any negetive marking in gre, nd all the test will be held one after ther on the same day?
    essay writing is on paper or its also computer based?
    regestration should be done how many months be4 d paper?

  5. jai says:

    How many times I can give this examination?Is there any limit that the Exam must be cleared in this much of chances.

  6. manju says:

    i am in 5th semester i dont know how to take this exam please inform me…

  7. nitish says:

    how to apply for gre test

  8. madhav choudhary says:

    hello, is there any difference between M.Sc and M.S. and what is duration for M.S.

  9. PLVS KIRAN says:

    How to apply GRE examination .
    is it eligible to write after diploma?

  10. remy says:

    want to know the books required for the gre

  11. syed says:

    jus tel me any books for preparing gre

  12. k.n.s.p kumar says:

    HOw to apply for GRE…….?

  13. STELLA says:

    I am willing to go abroad for my further studies that is to pursue Ph.D. which entrance exam do I need to appear to get into the foreign university?

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