Verbal Ability Questions and Answers – Spotting Errors

Spotting Errors

Directions to Solve

Read the each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘D’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).

A. We discussed about the problem so thoroughly
B. on the eve of the examination
C. that I found it very easy to work it out.
D. No error.

A. An Indian ship
B. laden with merchandise
C. got drowned in the Pacific Ocean.
D. No error.

A. She hardly knew how to do that problem,
B. and so went to her teacher, and asked her,
C. “How this problem is to be solved?”
D. No error.

A. I could not put up in a hotel
B. because the boarding and lodging charges
C. were exorbitant
D. No error.

A. I suppose
B. you have heard the latest news:
C. John has married that girl. D. No error.

A. The Prime Minister has said that India would not have spent so much on defence
B. if some of the neighbouring countries
C. adopted the policy of restricting defence expenditure
D. No error.

A. The Indian radio
B. which was previously controlled by the British rulers
C. is free now from the narrow vested interests. D. No error.

A. If I had known B. this yesterday
C. I will have helped him. D. No error.

A. A lot of travel delay is caused
B. due to the inefficiency and lack of good management
C. on behalf of the railways.
D. No error.

A. One of the members B. expressed doubt if
C. the Minister was an athiest. D. No error.

A. Due to me being a newcomer
B. I was unable to get a house
C. suitable for my wife and me. D. No error.

A. I have got
B. my M.Sc. degree
C. in 1988. D. No error.

A. Having received your letter B. this morning, we are writing
C. to thank you for the same. D. No error.

A. You must either tell me B. the whole story or, at least
C. the first half of it. D. No error.

A. If you lend him a book B. he will lend it to some one else
C. and never you will get it back. D. No error

A. According to the Bible B. it is meek and humble
C. who shall inherit the earth. D. No error.

A. Do the roses in your garden smell
B. more sweetly
C. than those in ours? D. No error.

A. Block of Residential flats
B. are coming up
C. near our house. D. No error

A. You can get B. all the information that you want
C. in this book. D. No error.

A. Sixty miles B. are
C. a good distance. D. No error.

A. They have been
B. very close friends
C. until they quarrelled. D. No error.

A. The whole thing moves
B. around the concept of building a small dynamic
C. organisation into a larger one.
D. No error

A. The world B. comprises
C. good and bad people. D. No error.

A. When the dentist came in
B. my tooth was stopped aching
C. out of fear that I might lose my tooth.
D. No error.

A. Samir, who is a close friend of mine
B. told me that he was smelling
C. the rice from a distance of fifty yards while coming to my house.
D. No error.

A. He speaks B. not only Tamil
C. but Telugu as well. D. No error.

A. The serial which appeared quite interesting initially
B. turned out to be boring
C. in its latter parts
D. No error.

A. Two-thirds of the book B. were C. rubbish. D. No error.

A. It is the duty of every citizen to do his utmost
B. to defend the hardly-won
C. freedom of the country.
D. No error.

A. No sooner did I open the door
B. when the rain, heavy and stormy, rushed in
C. making us shiver from head to foot
D. No error.

A. If a man diligently seeks to come into the contact
B. with the best that has been thought and said in this world
C. he will become simple and unselfish.
D. No error.

A. Rita is going B. for aerobics classes
C. everyday in the morning.
D. No error.

A. The conductor asked the passenger
B. why hadn’t he purchased a ticket
C. in advance to board the bus.
D. No error.

A. You must B. remember me
C. to post this letter. D. No error.

A. I shall certainly B. write you
C. when I shall reach NewDelhi. D. No error.

A. On the busy Ring Road B. we witnessed a collusion
C. between a truck and an auto. D. No error.

A. Mr.Praful Patel B. is not attending his office
C. for the last one month. D. No error.

A. He couldn’t but help
B. shedding tears at the plight of the villagers
C. rendered homeless by a devastating cyclone.
D. No error.

A. He will certainly help you B. if you will ask him
C. in a pleasant manner. D. No error.

A. The brand propositon now therefore had to be that Keokarpin Antiseptic Cream is more effective
B. because it penetrates deepdown (beinglight and non-sticky)and works from within
C. (because of its ayurvedic ingredients) tokeep skin blemish, free and helps cope with cuts nicks, burns and nappy rash D. No error

A. Will you please buy B. some jaggery for me
C. if you go to the market? D. No error.

A. Most of the members at the meeting felt
B. that the group appointed for investigating the case
C. were not competent to do the job efficiently.
D. No error.

A. In these days of inflation
B. a ten rupee’s note willnot buy you
C. even an ordinary meal.
D. No error.

A. I have never seen B. so large animal
C. before. D. No error.

A. He persisted B. to do it
C. in spite of my advice D. No error.

A. The long-awaited moment at last came,
B. and we set out for the station
C. as merry a band of children as I have ever seen before or since. D. No error.

A. Our conception of
B. what should a science of mental life be
C. has changed considerably since James’ time. D. No error.

A. He is not coming tomorrow B. as he is having a pain in the chest
C. and has to see a doctor. D. No error.

A. After sunset B. every member of the team
C. went to their houses. D. No error.

A. Many times the news has been published
B. in the papers that the end of the world will be certain
C. if a nuclear war breaks out.
D. No error.

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