List of resources and courses for clinical genetics

# Courses Baylor College of Medicine, Genetics Department
# Clinical Genetics: A Self-Study Guide, table of contents, Univ. So Dakota Medical School, Virtual Hospital Version of Guide
# Clinical Genetics: A Self Study for Health Care Providers, VP Johnson and C Christianson, University of South Dakota, May 1998, Virtual Hospital
# Chemistry of the Cell and Genetics course, JWolfe, Genetics course, UCL Medical School, Royal Free Hospital

# Frontiers in Genetics, audiolectures, George Washington Univ. Medical Center, calendar
# Genetics and Your Practice program for primary care providers, Washington State Department of Health, March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, medical geneticists and genetic counselors, July 1996, national and local information and referral resources, slide presentation
# Genetic Concepts and Genetic Tests, University South Dakota School Medicine
# Genetics lectures, JWolfe, Chemistry of the Cell and Genetics, UCL Medical School & Year 2: Genetics, Royal Free Hospital Medical School, United Kingdom
# Genetic Testing, Pennsylvania State Health Department, 2001, online training module
# Genetics Tutorial, Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasias
# Greenwood Genetics Center, South Carolina, Human Medical Genetics, Graduate Course
# Genetic Education Materials, Greenwood Genetic Center
# Greenwood Genetics Center, graduate courses in human medical genetics
# Genetics, Epidemiology, Ethics &Public Health, University of Vermont College of Medicine
# Louisiana State University, Medical Genetics 211, course material, assignments and answers, case studies
# Marshall Univ. School Medicine, WV, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
# Marshall University School of Medicine, course outline/exam questions
# Marfan Syndrome Exercise, construct pedigree, PSoderberg, Beloit College,1995
# Medical Biochemistry Examination II (1995) – Computer Based Learning Unit, Univ. Leeds
# Neonatology on the Web, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
# New Genetics: Medicine and the Human Genome, 2001, CD-ROM, genetics and genomics, impact on healthcare and society. Courseware for physicians, CME credit, Stanford University, STobin, Twisted Ladder
# Principles of Genetics, DPSnustad & MJSimmons, Univ. Minnesota and JBJenkins, Swarthmore College, Table of Contents link to GenLink: world wide web genetics resources
# Referral for Genetic Services, Pennsylvania State Health Department, 2001, online training module
# Telegenetics for DoD primary care providers, health care providers, students, and researchers with patient information, ethics, genetics in the news sections, and slide presentations on Autosomal Dominant and Recessive Inheritance, Genetic Predisposition to Cancer, Congenital Malformation, Genetics for the Internist, Basics of Genetic Assessment and Counseling, Genetics for the Orthopedist
# Thomas Jefferson University, Clinical Genetics Course, clinical cases, not currently online
# Tulane University, genetic course
# University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Molecular Genetics, Human Genetics for M-1 Students
# University of Kansas Medical Center, Developmental and Genetic Disease lecture, DL Persons, Pathology,
# University of Kansas Medical Center, Biochemistry: Genetics & Molecular Biology Study Guide
# University of Michigan Medical School, course information, practice quizzes
# University of California, San Diego, syllabus, lecture outline, and links
# University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Human Genetics Course, course syllabus
# University of Michigan, TD Gelehrter’s Human Genetics Teaching Materials
# University of Rochester brochures, newsletters, fact sheets: hemoglobinopathies, CF, genetic susceptibility to cancer
# University of Utah, Medical Genetics
# University of Virginia Medical College, Medical and Molecular Genetics
# University of Utah, WebPath, Prenatal Diagnosis Tutorial
# University of Washington, Seattle, course outlines/syllabus/problem sets/old exams
# University of Washington, Medical Genetics Course, 2nd Year Medical Students, HuBio 554
# University of Texas Health Science Center, Medical Genetics Course, medical school, Houston, TX
# Vanderbilt University Medical School, links to teaching resources
# Vanderbilt Clinical Research Center, Introduction to Gene Therapy Course
# Virtual Hospital, Clinical Genetics: A Self Study for Health Care Providers
# Wayne State University School of Medicine, Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Detroit, Michigan, MBG 7010: Introduction to Molecular Biology and Genetics (2002), IBS 7030: Biomedical Functional Genomics (2002), MBG 7600: Advanced Human Genetics (2002), MBG 8680: Computer Applications in Molecular Genetics (2002)
# Yale University School of Medicine, first year medical school course

Online / Distance Education courses

* Genes, Genomes, and Human Genetics, on-line course, Department of Genetics, Rutgers University and the Waksman Institute, introductory college course (register and view free) New link 2004
* Genetics and Your Practice, Washington State Department of Health, March of Dimes, Swedish Hospital and Medical Center (Seattle), an online distance education course offered by Idaho State University
* Genetics in Human Affairs (GN 301), North Carolina State University
* Genetics, Ethics and The Law (GMS BT 442 OL), Metropolitan College and the Boston University
* Genetics & Your Practice, register to receive continuing education credit, March of Dimes
* GeneEd E-Learning, Genomics, Human Gene Therapy, SNPs: Identification and Uses, modules available to preview and to purchase

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