The most common masters degrees in the field of health care administration and health care management are:

MHA : Master of Health Administration
MHA : Master of Health Care Administration / Master of Healthcare Administration
MHSA: Master of Health Services Administration
MPH: Master of Public Health
MBA : Master of Business Administration: Health Sector Concentration
There are also variations on these basic degrees.

There are similarities among these degrees and all can be found among the top health care management programs in the field. It is a good idea to consider the type of organization where you would like to work and investigate whether such organizations prefer one of the above degrees. MBA programs tend to provide a general management core followed by courses specializing in health care. MHA and MHSA programs tend to provide health care content throughout the program. MPH programs tend to have more of a public sector orientation. Joint degrees are often possible, but require additional time.

Within these general degree distinctions, programs have different emphases and patterns of graduate placement with respect to health care delivery organizations, consulting, public service, and other areas within the health sector. You should investigate specific programs to determine which will best prepare you for your desired career track.


The following is an alphabetical list of links to programs offering masters degrees in the field of health care services management and administration with a presence on the internet. Programs which are full-graduate or associate-graduate members of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) are noted by “AUPHA”. Programs which have also been accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration (ACEHSA) are noted by “ACEHSA.” US News & World Report ranks masters programs in health services administration based on the results of surveys sent to deans, faculty, and administrators of accredited graduate programs. Programs ranked in the top 5 by USNews are noted by “USNEWS.” Short extracts from the program descriptions are also included to help guide your search.


University of Alabama at Birmingham: Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA) AUPHA ACEHSA “…prepares individuals to assume executive leadership positions in a broad range of health services organizations, including hospitals, physician group practices, health maintenance organizations, integrated delivery systems, long-term care facilities, consulting firms, and insurance companies… excellent reputation, both regionally and nationally, for the high quality of its academic program and the achievements of its more than 700 graduates… In 1993, 1997, and again in 2001…included among U.S. News and World Report’s top ten graduate programs in health administration… apply for admission to the MSHA Program alone or to the coordinated Master of Science in Health Administration/Master of Business Administration (MSHA/MBA ) Program.”

University of Alabama at Birmingham: Executive MSHA AUPHA ACEHSA “Since 1965, the faculty of the Master of Science in Health Administration Program at UAB have been committed to providing high quality, forward looking professional education to prepare executives for leadership positions in health services organizations. Now we have extended our commitment to excellence in health administration education to an executive format option for the MSHA degree. Faculty from our nationally recognized residential program and from throughout the U.S. teach in the executive format option.”

University of Alberta: Master of Public Health Health Policy and Management AUPHA ACEHSA “This program emphasizes the critical issues in policy formulation and implementation and the development of analytical skills and management expertise relevant to programs and agencies in the health and social services sectors. The program is designed to be completed by full-time students in two years of course work with a 15-17 week administrative residency. The program can be completed on a part-time basis within a maximum of six years.”

Arizona State University: School of Health Administration & Policy: MPH AUPHA ACEHSA “School of Health Administration & Policy MPH Program”

Arizona State University: Executive AUPHA ACEHSA “College of Business has over 175 faculty prepared to meet the varied and complex needs of a diverse client base. Their experience in such diverse fields as accounting, computer information systems, economics, ethical studies, finance, health care administration, management, marketing, services marketing, and supply chain management can prepare your key employees to move into the 21st century.”

University of Arkansas at Little Rock: Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) AUPHA ACEHSA “…prepares students for careers as administrators or staff in the dynamic and diverse health care field, including positions in institutions and agencies involved in providing, financing, regulating, or insuring health care. The program provides specialized knowledge and management skills needed to understand and meet the leadership needs of complex, rapidly changing systems for health care services delivery.”

Armstrong Atlantic State University “Graduate distance learning programs”

Auburn University: Health Administration Program: HSA “Health Administration Program… combines courses from a number of traditional academic fields to link the concerns of administration and health care. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration (HSA) and may also have a concentration or a minor in a specific subject area.”

Avila College: Master of Business Administration (MBA ) “Health Care Administration concentration is specifically designed to give health care professionals the tools to manage and lead their organizations. In addition to business fundamentals, a wide range of management issues unique to the health care industry are studied.”

Baker College: Health Care Management: International Master of Business Administration (MBA ) “…seeks to combine the best of academic training with the best of field-based learning and an emphasis on the allied health field. Most typical business disciplines are represented in the curriculum because a successful manager must be conversant with different aspects of running organizations or companies.”

Baruch College / CUNY: MPA AUPHA ACEHSA “…specialization in Nonprofit Administration is designed for students interested in initiating or advancing their careers in the management of private, voluntary, not-for-profit organizations… Coursework is designed specifically for the nonprofit leader, including topics like grantsmanship and fund raising, working with boards and trustees, recruiting volunteers, financial management, community and governmental relations, and strategic planning.”

Baruch College / CUNY: Executive Master of Public Administration: MPA AUPHA ACEHSA “The Executive MPA program is designed especially for students who have had significant employment experience, including managing people, projects, or programs.”

Baylor University — U.S. Army: Graduate Program in Health Care Administration AUPHA ACEHSA “U.S. Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health Care Administration… fosters a cooperative spirit where physicians, nurses, aviators, engineers, information systems managers, dietitians, and administrators share perspectives on health care problems and solutions…The Graduate Program in Healthcare Administration is a two year program divided evenly between a didactic year and a residency year.”

Bienville University “Graduate Distance Learning Programs”

Boston University: Health Care Management MBA AUPHA ACEHSA “Today’s health care organizations urgently need both to manage costs and provide effective care. Boston University’s Health Care Management program prepares you to integrate these responsibilities seamlessly… The School’s ties with the globally renowned health care institutions of greater Boston offer exposure to almost unlimited resources.”

University of California at Berkeley: MBA , MPH AUPHA ACEHSA “Today’s health industry leaders need to be trained in all aspects of managed care, insurance, consulting, health care delivery, biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health management, strategic planning, finance, economics, cost-benefit analysis, law, regulatory policy, and information technology. The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley provides that training…. three programs… close coordination with the School of Public Health… leverages California’s cutting edge managed care, internet, and biotechnology industries as laboratories for education and research.”

University of California at Los Angeles: Department of Health Services: MPH, MBA /MPH AUPHA ACEHSA “…Eight degree programs… Four MPH… (Two year MPH, Post doctoral MPH, Joint MBA /MPH and the MPH for Health Professionals)… Two MS Programs (Two year MS, Post doctoral MS). Ph.D Dr.PH Degree… Thorough understanding of how personal health services are organized, financed and delivered; Knowledge of the role of public health services in meeting the goals of health promotion, education and disease prevention; Cognizance of ways to measure and assess the impact of access, technology and quality of care; Comprehension of basic statistical skills to understand how health services research is conducted and to interpret research findings; Framework for analysis of industry-wide issues and methods and skills to address management and policy issues arising from our rapidly changing field.”

California Coast University “Graduate Distance Learning Programs”

California College “…offer four Master’s degree tracks that can give you the competence and confidence to thrive in the health care environment over the next decade. Our programs include: Master of Science in Health Services with concentrations in: Community Health, Wellness Promotion, Master of Science in Health Care Administration Master of Public Health Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care”

California Pacific University “Graduate Distance Learning Programs”

California State University at Long Beach: Health Care Administration AUPHA “We are located in the heart of the diverse enterprises that make up the health care industry. We also have an active and committed student organization, which is affiliated with the American College of Health Care Executives. Our faculty has both academic scholars and people with real world experience.”

Canyon College: Online Master of Arts Degree in Health Care Administration “Our online college degrees and online college courses are offered in the comfort of your home or office without setting foot on campus! The tradition at Canyon College is to provide our students with a quality online education at an affordable price. Both our faculty and staff endeavor to serve our students and offer them the education they so earnestly seek.”

Cardinal Stritch University: The Master of Science in Health Services Administration “…a 34-credit, practitioner-oriented degree program designed to develop or enhance the personal and management skills of those with, or interested in, administrative responsibilities in the health care field… designed to enable students to effectively apply increasingly sophisticated managerial concepts to the solution of practical management problems.”

Carnegie Mellon University: Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Management “…teaches students how to think strategically about the economic, political, and financial environment in which health care is delivered… provides an understanding of how to manage and lead organizations through the sea of changes sweeping across health care, and equips students with the technical and analytic tools — including IT — that will help them work smarter and more efficiently. This program can be completed by attending part-time.”

Carnegie Mellon University: Master of Medical Management “…offers management and leadership training to physician executives who wish to lead today’s health care organizations and to shape the future of tomorrow’s health care industry in a rapidly changing environment… builds upon and extends the skills and knowledge that physicians acquire in the American College of Physician Executives’ Graduate Program in Medical Management”

University of Central Florida: Master of Science in Health Services Administration AUPHA “…appeals to a variety of students including recent college graduates as well as professionals in the health fields who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the business aspect of the health industry and advancing their careers… offers a course of study that includes an analysis of issues and trends in the health care industry; the study of the structure and leadership of health care organizations; planning, development, and marketing approaches; individual and organizational strategies for change; research methods, statistics, and computer technologies for solving problems in the health care industry.”

Century University: MBA in Health Care Management “Century University’s distance learning Business Administration Degree programs”

Chapman University “…designed to provide students with the skills necessary to obtain entry level positions in the health care industry as well as to assist those students with a clinical background in health care to change their professional emphasis. Upon graduation a student can pursue graduate studies in Health Administration.”

University of Chicago: The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) AUPHA “…allows students to earn a Certificate in Health Administration Studies while earning a master’s degree in one of the participating graduate schools on campus: The Graduate School of Business, the Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies, the School of Social Service Administration, and the Pritzker School of Medicine… founded the first program of its type in 1934… has trained more than 750 leaders in the field… now leading major medical centers, healthcare organizations, universities, government agencies, foundations, insurance companies, and consulting firms across the country…”

Clark University: MBA with Health Care Concentration “…prepares students to manage and lead in this changing environment by combining the solid management education of the MBA with Clark’s 17-year history of offering the Master of Health Administration”

Cleveland State University: Master of Business Administration: Health Care Specialization AUPHA ACEHSA “…health care specialization in the Master of Business Administration Program is especially designed to provide graduate education for persons interested in preparing for or furthering their careers in the management and administration of hospitals, long-term care and mental health and mental retardation facilities, ambulatory care and HMOs, other health delivery facilities and programs, health planning, teaching or research.”

University of Colorado at Denver: Health Administration MBA AUPHA ACEHSA “…dedicated to preparing men and women who, after appropriate practical experience in responsible managerial positions, are capable of assuming positions as chief executive officers or senior level managers in the health care industry… Masters of Business Administration with a Major in Health Administration… full-time or part-time basis. Executive Program in Health Administration…in conjunction with the Network for Health Care Management… also leads to a Masters… both full-time faculty with distinguished research records and a select group of practicing managers… the latest thinking on the most important issues confronting the field of health administration.”

Colorado: Executive MBA in Health Administration AUPHA ACEHSA

University of Colorado: Network for Healthcare Management AUPHA ACEHSA

Columbia University: Program in Health Policy and Management “…seeks to give students the analytical and practical skills they need to effectively discharge policy — making and managerial roles in a broad range of health care institutions. The program has a 45-point curriculum that includes a public health core and a health policy and management (HPM) core.”

University of Connecticut: Center for Healthcare and Insurance Studies: MBA AUPHA “…educational preparation and conduct research in health systems management… In 1952, the University of Connecticut was the first institution of higher education in the country to study method improvement techniques applicable to the entire hospital organization. Today, the University of Connecticut is among a small number of public universities in New England to offer advanced degree programs specializing in health care management… programs are small and personalized, but draw upon the resources of a large research based university setting.”

Cornell University: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “Students in the Sloan Program… prepare for health service careers in consulting, healthcare systems, managed and long term care, and insurance organizations… The Sloan Program encourages students to design their own field of emphasis.”

Creighton University AUPHA

Dalhousie University: Dalhousie School of Health Services Administration AUPHA ACEHSA “…prepares individuals to assume a diversity of leadership roles in the Canadian health system. The School offers… only Diploma and Masters program in Health Services Administration in Atlantic Canada … unique Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management… Master of Health Services Administration/Bachelor of Laws, Master of Health Services Administration/Master of Nursing, and Master of Health Services Administration/Master of Business Administration.”

Des Moines University: Master of Health Care Administration (MHA ) AUPHA “…offers a Master of Health Care Administration (MHA ) degree and a Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration. The MHA Program provides an educational foundation and practical applications to students in long term care, ambulatory care, medical group management, hospital, government agencies, planning agencies, insurance industry and other organizational settings in health care.”

Duke University: MBA Health Sector Management AUPHA ACEHSA “Fuqua’s Health Sector Management concentration… based on three guiding principles… Health Sector Management graduates need the outstanding skill set provided by The Duke MBA combined with an intensive examination and understanding of the unique aspects of the health sector… Health Sector Management students require academic and experiential outlets for their interests to allow for an immersion experience in the health sector… Health Sector Management students need to understand both the current structures of the health care system and the dynamic nature of the industry.”

Emory University: Department of Health Policy and Management “…offers four courses of study leading to the master of public health degree: the MPH in health policy and the MPH in health services management on a residential basis; and, the MPH in health services management and the MPH in health outcomes management on a distance basis… Interdisciplinary in philosophy and content… designed to provide students with a comprehensive background in the conceptual and analytical knowledge necessary to understand and improve health status and health services delivery.”

Finch University: Master of Science in Healthcare Risk Management Department: MS “…prepares future leaders of the profession with advanced knowledge and research skills to effectively manage the risk exposures of healthcare entities… designed to address topics that significantly impact the role and responsibilities of individuals managing multifaceted risks associated with a healthcare organization… educational structure intended to stimulate critical analytical skills essential for leadership competency in healthcare risk management endeavors.”

Florida International University: Master of Health Service Administration AUPHA ACEHSA

University of Florida: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “…an on-campus program designed to prepare individuals for management positions in the health care field… Health-related organizations are looking for individuals who have the training and qualifications needed to manage the diverse aspects of the health enterprise and to guide its continuing evolution. The MHA Program at the University of Florida provides a high-quality educational experience that prepares well-qualified and motivated individuals to work in various management positions in health-related organizations… outstanding faculty… rigorous and well-designed course of study… friendly and capable staff… network of successful and talented alumni… close ties to the field of practice.”

University of Florida: Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA) AUPHA ACEHSA “…designed for working healthcare professionals with at least 3-5 years work experience who wish to remain employed while pursuing a master’s degree in health administration… working health professionals who develop a strong educational base of knowledge about health administration to complement their work experience will greatly benefit both the organizations for which they work and their own careers… to prepare highly qualified and motivated healthcare professionals to become effective managers and leaders of health-related organizations… an outstanding faculty… rigorous and well-designed course of study… friendly and capable staff… network of successful and talented alumni… close ties to the field of practice.”

George Washington University: Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) AUPHA ACEHSA “Top 5 reasons to attend GWU-HSMP… 1. Strength of reputation as a leading program in the nation and as an accredited program… 2. Number of full-time faculty teaching core courses and specialty areas; 3. Extraordinary field experiences through residency and internship placements; 4. Connections to the School of Public Health and Health Services and the greater university… specialty courses and meeting students’ interests and needs; 5. Network of successful alumni who are leaders throughout the health services industry.”

Georgia State University: Institute of Health Administration: MHA AUPHA ACEHSA “…provides quality graduate programs for education, research, and career development in healthcare administration and management across the full range of contemporary healthcare organizational settings. The Robinson College of Business is consistently ranked in the top 10 part-time MBA Programs, and the MHA is also nationally ranked. Our programs produce qualified healthcare management professionals sought after by the healthcare industry.”

Governors State University: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA “…prepares students to assume middle management positions and, after the requisite years of experience, top executive positions in large health care institutions.”

Hahnemann University: School of Public Health: Master of Public Health (MPH) “…intended for individuals interested in careers as community educators; population health planners; policy analysts, evaluators, and researchers; and managers of health service delivery organizations and systems, managed-care programs, and other population-based organizations.”

Harvard University: Department of Health Policy and Management “…a mission-oriented department concerned with improving the health care delivery system and mitigating public health risks in the united states and abroad… dedicated to resolving major management and health policy problems through original research, advanced training, and dispute resolution. Research priorities… are organized into eight broad areas: health financing and insurance… management of health hazards… management of health care organizations… management and evaluation of medical technology… business and labor in health… international health…; quality of health care… and health care reform.”

Harvard University: Department of Health Policy and Management: Executive MS in Health Care Management “Two-Year Program… Three Weeks per Summer… Five Four-Day Weekends per Year, Monthly Teleconferences… Classroom Skills and Concepts Immediately Applicable… Informal Exchange with Colleagues from throughout North America… Lectures and Discussions with Department of Health Policy and Management Faculty.”

University of Houston at Clear Lake AUPHA ACEHSA “…program is located in the School of Business and Public Administration, which is accredited by AACSB… Over 57% of our alums are the CEOs, COOs, CFOs or Practice Administrators of major medical centers. Small class sizes and personal attention. Students draw upon the resources of the Texas Medical Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Evening and Web courses are available for working students… Advisory boards made up of top healthcare executives.”

Houston Baptist University: Master of Science: Health Administration (MS-HA) AUPHA “health care professionals… must master new fields, learn new skills, and be able to integrate their understanding for greater effectiveness. Houston Baptist University’s Master of Science in Health Administration will prepare graduate students — both those with health care experience and those coming from other fields — for career opportunities that require a strong theoretical understanding of health care administration and the ability to apply that knowledge.”

University of Illinois at Chicago: Master of Public Health (MPH) “offered by the School of Public Health… The Master of Public Health (MPH) is the basic professional degree offered by the School of Public Health. The program ensures that the graduate has a general understanding of the field of public health and specific competence in a particular area. The graduate is prepared for public health practice.”

Indiana University: Graduate Program in Health Administration: MHA AUPHA ACEHSA “…offers numerous opportunities to participate in full-time, part-time and certificate programs of study. The Master of Health Administration degree will prepare you for an exciting career in the field of health care. We also offer joint degrees with the Kelly School of Business (MHA /MBA ), the Law School (MHA /JD) and the School of Nursing (MHA /MSN)… The MHA program is geared to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of strategic management and finance, which are necessary for advancement in today’s health care industry. Many of our MHA graduates hold prestigious and noteworthy positions.”

University of Iowa: Health Management & Policy: MHA AUPHA ACEHSA “…To develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills that its graduates need to succeed in responsible managerial positions in hospitals, long-term care institutions, alternative delivery systems, ambulatory care facilities, planning agencies, consulting firms, and other health-related organizations. Examine the social, political, economic, and financial aspects of hospitals and health care organizations. Introduce students to the concepts, tools, and techniques of effective managerial decision making, planning, and control.”

Johns Hopkins University: Health Policy and Management: MHS AUPHA ACEHSA “Health Policy and Management is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to improve health and prevent disease and disability through the education of future public health leaders and through research on the causes and possible remedies of significant public health problems facing our nation and other industrialized countries…. Our research improves health policy and identifies behavioral interventions that promote and protect the health status of populations… strategies that improve access… models for improving the financing, organization and delivery… The department offers… Masters_Degrees/MHS… in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, Health Policy, and Health Finance and Management… Our graduates pursue careers in health care administration, research and teaching, public health agencies, and private industry.”

University of Kansas: Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) AUPHA ACEHSA “…a fifty-four hour graduate professional degree program… combines social science and business content in the context of health care. The Program is designed to prepare students for a variety of positions in health care organizations, meet the needs of students with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, and integrate classroom and experiential learning. Study in the MHSA Program is available on both a full-time and part-time basis. Full-time and part-time students take classes together, providing a rich environment for learning and sharing knowledge and experiences.”

University of Kentucky: Master’s Program in Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “a two-year, 44-credit hour degree that prepares students for managerial and administrative careers in health policy and health services… Prepare leaders and scholars to act effectively when addressing complex issues in health policy and health services… Teach them the skills necessary to subject these issues to rigorous analysis, and then effectively communicate their conclusions and recommendations… Build their capabilities to manage people, programs, and organizations…. Support their visions of the contributions they wish to make in their careers.”

King’s College: Health Care Administration Program AUPHA ACEHSA “…to provide its majors with a broadly based liberal arts education which will enable them to pursue purposeful and productive lives and will equip them with the skills necessary to achieve successful managerial careers.”

Lesley College: Health Services Management Program “The 40-credit Health Services Program consists of 13, three-credit courses and a modular one-credit offering. Students enroll for 24 credits in the core, 12 required credits in the specialization, and one-credit in the modules involving orientation to the curriculum and self-assessment and planning for the integrative learning experience.”

Loma Linda University “…programs allow the student to develop knowledge and skills leading to management positions in public and private health-service organizations… instructional style is highly interactive emphasizing practical management tools and techniques for succeeding in the new environment… Participants will be exposed to new, business-oriented approaches for confronting and solving financial, operational and marketing problems and can expect to leave the program with practical management tools, techniques and frameworks.”

University of Mary Hardin Baylor: The Master of Health Services Management (MHSM) AUPHA “…designed to prepare managers for effective and innovative leadership in a variety of healthcare settings… provides a strong foundation in the technical and human relations competencies demanded in a constantly changing healthcare environment… broad-based curriculum prepares graduates to respond to the needs of society, providers, consumers, and third- party payers for quality, cost-effective healthcare services… adult-centered methods and active student learning… prepares graduates to meet current and future challenges in the healthcare system.”

Meharry Medical College: Master of Science in Public Health Program (MSPH) AUPHA ACEHSA “…jointly sponsored by one of the Community Health Sciences in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine of the School of Medicine and the School of Graduate Studies and Research… all programs require core courses (epidemiology, Biostatistics , environmental health, and health administration), field practice experience, and thesis… five tracks leading to the MSPH degree: a two year health services administration track; two one- year-physician residencies (occupational and preventive medicine); a one-year public administration track; and a two-year public health nutrition track.”

University of Memphis: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “The mission of the University of Memphis MHA program is threefold: to provide a quality educational experience and the theoretical background that will prepare students for leadership roles in a variety of health care institutions and settings, to conduct research and produce scholarly materials that both strengthen the Program’s ability to fulfill its educational mission and advance knowledge, and to serve as a resource to health care organizations and the community. Graduates are qualified for careers in: Managed Care, Long Term Care, Hospital Administration, Medical Group Management, the Health Insurance Industry, and other administrative areas of health care.”

University of Miami: Weekend MBA Program for Health Professionals AUPHA ACEHSA

University of Michigan: Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “Ranked #1 in 2001 and every year since 1994, when U.S. News and World Report first began ranking health administration programs… exciting and challenging programs for gaining knowledge and skills in health management and health policy… offer state-of-the-art curricula taught by a world-renowned faculty… rigorous, multidisciplinary course of study that prepares students to meet the changing demands of the health care, public health, and health policy environments… commitment to integrating leading-edge research with teaching excellence… recognition as the country’s leading program confirms… contributions HMP graduates make to the organization and management of the nation’s public health and health care systems… designed to provide a well-rounded, high-quality professional education to gifted, dedicated men and women who aspire to leading positions in the management and planning of health services.”

University of Michigan: Department of Health Management and Policy: Master of Public Health (MPH) AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “…the basic professional degree offered by the School of Public Health…. required by statute for public health professionals working in certain classifications in many jurisdictions… the oldest degree specifically identified with public health training… particularly appropriate for individuals who plan to work in federal, state, or local health agencies, and for individuals who want to work in international health organizations… also highly suitable for individuals who envision public or private sector careers in policy areas such as environmental health, occupational health, disease prevention and control, injury prevention, or substance abuse.”

University of Michigan: Department of Health Management and Policy: Executive Master’s Program (MHSA) AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “…unique format that lets you continue working while pursuing the Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) or the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree. You attend classes in Ann Arbor once a month during four-day weekends that start on Thursday morning and conveniently end on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. Also called the On Job/On Campus (OJ/OC) Program in Health Management and Policy, this 25-month program enables you to continue your professional employment while acquiring the information and skills you need to assume a leading position in the provision of health services and the promotion of public health in your community.”

Midwestern State University AUPHA

University of Minnesota: Carlson MHA AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “U.S. News & World Report poll ranks the Minnesota MHA Program among the top five in the country… placement rate is 99%… Minnesota MHA was one of the first professional healthcare management programs… continues its tradition of innovation and excellence… ‘The Leadership Edge’, a program to help students identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses…$750.00 travel/conference allowance… Affordable Tuition and Financial Support… nationally recognized faculty pursues ongoing research into vital healthcare issues… Small classes mean individualized attention and lifelong friendships… Mentoring by alumni develops an extensive national and international network for professional development… Center for the Study of Healthcare Management… concentrated corridor of healthcare organizations, dubbed “Medical Alley”.. more than 8,000 healthcare manufacturers, service providers, dealers, wholesalers, and retailers.”

University of Minnesota: ISP Executive Program AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “Graduate Level Education At a Distance… ISP Executive Studies Program is an alternative program for healthcare administrators who recognize the need for professional development in healthcare management but who are unable to pursue full-time, on-campus study. Students who complete three years of ISP earn a Credential of Advanced Studies… may use all 36 semester credits to meet the requirements of the Master in Healthcare Administration degree, provided they have not applied those credits to another degree and have met all entrance requirements for the master’s option… Masters requires… 10 additional semester credits. ISP also offers a two-year program that leads to a Credential of Management Studies.”

University of Minnesota: Master of Public Health in Public Health Administration (MPH) “…provides management training in public health administration, focusing on the public health functions of assurance, assessment, and policy development. The program emphasizes a population-based health improvement approach to public health. The M.P.H. program includes faculty from the University of Minnesota’s nationally recognized Division of Health Services Research and Policy in the School of Public Health. This program offers outstanding preparation for leadership positions in public health, managed care, and other health care organizations.”

University of Missouri at Columbia: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “The nationally ranked Master of Health Administration Program prepares professionals to meet the challenges of a changing health-care industry. The traditional two-year program has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration since the commission was founded in 1964. Core management courses provide students with a strong grounding in finance, accounting, economics and statistics. The program builds on this foundation with an integrated curriculum focused on managing complex organizations within integrated health systems. Students develop applied knowledge in areas such as organizational strategy and change, process improvement, interdisciplinary team management, integrated information systems and financial risk management. Program graduates work in leadership positions in medical group practices, managed-care firms, integrated health systems, long-term care organizations, hospitals and corporate health benefits offices both in urban and rural environments”

University of Montreal AUPHA ACEHSA

University of New Hampshire: Masters in Public Health (MPH) “The University of New Hampshire Manchester’s (UNHM) new Center for Professional Studies offers Fall & Spring Graduate Courses in Public Health. The University System of New Hampshire’s Board of Trustees approved the M.P.H. degree program in December of 2001. The program is designed to provide working professionals with an M.P.H. degree that they can complete on a part-time basis over two years.”

University of New Hampshire: MBA : Health Management Option “…designed to appeal to a small number of well-qualified professionals interested in the management of health care organizations… intended to attract approximately ten to twelve students per year. Students admitted to the Option in Health Management are subject to the same admission criteria and admission policies as other MBA degree-seeking students. The Option draws upon the electives within the MBA and the faculty in the Department of Health Management & Policy to deliver a focus on the unique characteristics of the health care industry. Courses are integrated with the MBA . There is a supervised internship that is part of the curriculum.”

University of New Orleans: Executive Master of Health Care Management Program “The University of New Orleans has the largest business school in Louisiana, as well as one of the fastest growing executive education programs in the country. Our Executive Master of Health Care Management Program delivers a high-quality, high- value education.”

New York University: Health Policy and Management: MPA AUPHA ACEHSA “…prepares students for effective careers in the health sector… Led by one of the strongest faculties in health policy and management of any school of public service, this top-ranking program (ranked first in the country by U.S. News & World Report) provides students with the cutting edge concepts and skills they need to analyze and craft thoughtful, forward-thinking health policy and to manage a wide array of health care programs and services.”

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Executive Master’s AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “For over thirty years, the Executive Master’s Program (EMP) has provided graduate-level education to employed health professionals and health administrators. This challenging program enables students to develop the marketable skills necessary for management roles in the ever-changing health care system… Students come from a variety of diverse careers in organizations such as integrated delivery systems, hospitals, HMOs, pharmaceutical firms, insurers, group practices, consulting firms, state and local health departments, and government agencies (e.g. the CDC, the Public Health Service, and the Department of Defense)… competitive program limits enrollment to 35 new students per year… format of the program minimizes the amount of time students spend away from professional and personal obligations.”

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: MHA & MSPH AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “…grown steadily to become one of the world’s leading departments of health policy and administration… selection by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top two programs of health services administration in the nation…. three master’s degrees… Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA ), and Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH)… two principal educational foci: management of health services, and health policy formulation, analysis, and implementation… emphasize a balance between systematic learning about health services and public health issues on the one hand, and management and policy analysis, concepts, and techniques on the other… broad foundation in public health approaches and methodologies, and management and policy analysis theories and methods… designed for well-rounded, high quality individuals who aspire to become leading healthcare professionals in the areas of administration, management, planning, policy and public health in both public and private settings.

University of North Florida: Master of Health Administration “…designed for those individuals who want to work in the field of management and administration within a health care delivery setting. The 54 hour (minimum) program consists of 9 hours of business/administrative core courses, 42 hours of College of Health core courses and 3 hours of elective courses. The business/administrative area courses include work in finance, human resources, organization theory, and marketing.”

Northeastern University: MD/MBA in Health Management “The changing nature of the nation’s health-care system has created a demand for physicians who are trained to plan and manage these changes in the best interests of patients, health-care organizations, and the medical community. Tufts University School of Medicine, in conjuction with Northeastern University and Brandeis University, now offers a combined MD/MBA in health management degree… enable medical students to earn both a Master’s in Business Administration degree (MBA ) in Health Management in the same four calendar years that earn their Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree… give students a foundation in business problem-solving skills, and knowledge in health-care management.”

Northwestern University: Kellogg Health Industry Management (HIM) AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “…To meet the educational challenges of this rapidly evolving field, the Health Industry Management (HIM) Program provides students with a managerial and technical foundation for careers in consulting, medical products, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, financial services, venture capital, health care systems, health plan management and insurance, associations and government… The HIM faculty have national and international reputations in their particular areas of expertise and play a very active role as consultants and advisors to national firms, government agencies and many professional organizations.”

Ohio State University: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “…internationally known as one of the foremost centers of graduate education in the nation… excels in the range and depth of its resources, and graduate students have access to courses in an enormous range of departments, many of which are nationally recognized… program is limited to 25 new students each year, so that students can have close interaction with the faculty and with fellow students… breadth and depth of Ohio State’s departments gives the student substantial room to pursue individual interests… The Ohio State University’s HSMP program has graduates in over 40 states and several foreign countries… alumni are employed in a wide variety of leadership positions covering all facets of the health care industry.”

Ohio University: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) “…offers you the opportunity to pursue graduate studies that will prepare you for success in the diverse field of health administration. Concentrations in long-term administration and acute care administration are structured to help you develop the management and administrative skills required of leaders in this complex and challenging field… strengthened with studies in such related fields as communication and business. Program graduates are employed nationwide in every facet of health administ ration: hospital, nursing home, and mental health facilities; insurance, managed care, and health maintenance organizations; Public health and government agencies.”

University of Oklahoma: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA “Through education, research and service activities, the mission of the Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.) program is to provide highly qualified students with the knowledge, abilities and skills that enable them to become senior health service administrators or policy analysts; contribute to the body of knowledge that is related to health services administration, the effectiveness or efficiency of health services delivery and the development, implementation and evaluation of health policy; and provide the assistance and advice that contributes to an improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of health services delivery.”

Oregon State University: Public Health (PH) “Public Health is a collective body of knowledge grounded in the health and social sciences. The field is concerned with the effect of human behavior, social and governmental policies and programs, industrial environments, and health service systems on individual and population health and well-being”

University of Ottawa: Master of Health Administration (MHA ), Master of Business Administration (MBA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “The School of Management provides an outstanding environment for students pursuing graduate studies in health care management both from an academic and a professional point of view… The M.H.A. program has close links to other faculties including the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine to assure relevance to clinical practice for health service administration. …close links with hospitals, long term care institutions, community health agencies, psychiatric institutions, federal and provincial governments, and international, national, and provincial health to assure curricular relevance and excellence… emphasis in this Program is on proactive management with a vision of humanistic leadership and public service in a period of intense change in health care systems around the world.”

Penn State University: Department of Health Policy and Administration AUPHA ACEHSA “…prepares students for leadership positions in the nation’s second largest and fastest growing industry, health care. Health care systems of the future will focus on greater efficiency and superior quality through technology advances, cutting-edge research, improved organization, and strong management. The HPA department prepares tomorrow’s leaders to guide these systems and shape health care policy in an ever-increasingly complex and dynamic environment. Penn State’s HPA department has been training health care leaders for more than 30 years and has over 3,600 alumni… ranked as one of the top 20 programs in the nation.”

Penn State University at Great Valley: MBA in Biotechnology Health Industry Management AUPHA

University of Pennsylvania: Wharton MBA AUPHA ACEHSA USNEWS “…Wharton continues its tradition of innovation — and continues to have an impact on the way business is conducted worldwide… a curriculum designed specifically to meet the changing demands of a global marketplace… a unique combination of pre-term courses, core courses and areas of major concentration… Now pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and other changes in technology continually create new opportunities and new managerial challenges… Wharton’s Health Care Systems Department brings particular strengths in health economics and health management… Disciplines such as law, policy, ethics, and decision analysis are represented by the department’s secondary appointments, and by faculty who work at the University of Pennsylvania’s schools of medicine and nursing. Adjunct faculty members are also drawn from health industry experts in the Philadelphia area.”

University of Pittsburg: Department of Health Services Administration AUPHA ACEHSA “…members of the Department have contributed in significant ways to the development of public health in the United States and internationally. Many of the graduates of this Department have assumed leadership roles in regional, state, national and international agencies and organizations that play a major role in the prevention of illness and promotion of health through effective behavior change, program or organizational management, and policy development over the years.”

University of Pittsburg: Health Information Management: HIM

University of Puerto Rico AUPHA ACEHSA

Regis University: MBA in Health Care Management “Regis University is now offering an MBA with an emphasis in Health Care Management. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of physicians, nurses, healthcare administrators, medical office managers, pharmacists and other busy medical professionals who wish to obtain an advanced business degree specifically tailored to the modern health care industry… without having their studies interfere with personal or professional obligations.”

Rochester Institute of Technology: Health Systems Administration AUPHA ACEHSA “The health systems administration program meets the needs and demands of professionals seeking a non-clinical degree within the health care field… designed for working health care administrators, clinicians and support personnel in health care organizations, or anyone planning a career move into the health care environment… can be pursued while working full-time… thesis and internship options allow a wide range of personal choice… a leading edge, systems approach to health care administration… capitalizes on RIT’s experience and skill in delivering creative academic offerings through advanced technological means to online learners.”

Rochester Institute of Technology: Online Learning AUPHA ACEHSA “The health systems administration program meets the needs and demands of professionals seeking a non-clinical degree within the health care field… designed for working health care administrators, clinicians and support personnel in health care organizations, or anyone planning a career move into the health care environment… can be pursued while working full-time… thesis and internship options allow a wide range of personal choice… a leading edge, systems approach to health care administration… capitalizes on RIT’s experience and skill in delivering creative academic offerings through advanced technological means to online learners.”

Rush University: Health Systems Management: Master’s of Science in Health Systems Management AUPHA ACEHSA “…offering an innovative, world class education, where the classroom is an elite academic medical center… flagship program is the Master’s of Science in Health Systems Management. Our practitioner-teacher model combines theory and hands on learning for the ultimate student experience. The Rush program is a recognized talent in the world of healthcare… fully accredited… identified by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top health services administration programs in the country.”

Rutgers University: MPA Program “Graduate study at Rutgers University-Camden combines the learning and research advantages of a major 48,000-student state university with the more personalized treatment of a smaller campus with 3,600 undergraduate and 1,200 graduate students. The Rutgers-Camden Master of Public Administration program started in 1978 and has grown considerably in the intervening twenty years.”

Saint Louis University: Master of Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “The Department of Health Management and Policy offers one of the most well respected Master of Health Administration (MHA ) programs in the country… one of the first of its kind in the United States… U.S. News & World Report places it in the top 22 MHA programs… Graduates of the MHA program are prepared to assume management positions in health services organizations throughout the world. The integration of theory and practice in the program allows students to develop technical and interpersonal skills essential to successful leadership in health services.”

University of Saint Thomas: MBA in Medical Group Management AUPHA ACEHSA

San Diego State University: Division of Health Services Administration AUPHA ACEHSA “…provides academic preparation for individuals who are interested in managing, organizing, planning, or evaluating organizations and services in the health care sector. Graduates are prepared for a full range of careers in health care administration, including management, consulting, planning, and marketing positions in a wide range of health care settings (such as hospitals, health systems, ambulatory care facilities, insurers, and managed care organizations). The Program is particularly proud of an approach that combines a broad-based, rigorous curriculum embodying a public health focus with a strong management orientation.”

University of Scranton: Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA ) AUPHA ACEHSA “ educate and prepare individuals to be professionally competent for managerial and leadership roles in a variety of positions over the course of their careers in order to enhance the practice of health care administration… requires learning experiences for individuals that integrate teaching, research and scholarship, professional development and community service. In the Jesuit tradition, the program values and recognizes excellence in education and teaching, the dignity of each individual, open communication, freedom of choice and inquiry, self-directed growth and development, community service, promotion of justice, and the pursuit of truth and knowledge.”

Seton Hall University: Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA ) AUPHA “The Master of Public Administration Program (MPA) Nonprofit Organization Management concentration is currently ranked 5th in the country U.S. Ne

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