Word List for GRE: Words starting with S

sagacious – having sound judgment perceptive wise like a sage
salacious – obscene
salubrious – healthful
salutary – remedial wholesome causing improvement
sanctimony – self-righteousness hypocritical with FALSE piety
sanction – approval (by authority) penalty

sanguine – cheerful confident optimistic
sanity – health of mind soundness of judgement
sash – long strip worn round the waist
satiate – satisfy fully
saturnine – gloomy dark sullen morose
savant – person of great learning
savour – taste flavour something
sawdust – tiny bits of wood
scabbard – sheath for the blade
scent – smell (esp. pleasant)
scorch – become discoloured/dry up/go at high speed
scribble – write hastily
scurvy – mean contemptible
sedulous – persevering
seminal – like a seed constituting a source originative
sententious – short and pithy full of maxims/proverbs
sequence – succession connected line of
sere – make hard and without feeling
sermon – reproving a person for his faults
serrated – having a toothed edge
serration – having a toothed edge
servile – like a slave lacking independence
sever – break off
severance – severing
shallow – little depth not earnest
shard – piece of broken earthenware
sheath – cover for the blade of a weapon or a tool
shrewd – astute showing sound judgement
shrill – sharp piercing
shun – keep away from avoid
sidestep – step to one side
simper – (give a) silly/self-conscious smile
sinuous – winding undulating serpentine
skiff – small boat
skit – short piece of humorous writing
slack – sluggish dull not tight
slake – to assuage to satisfy allay
slate – king of blue-grey stone propose criticize
sluggard – lazy slow-moving person
slur – join sounds/words (indistinct)
smoulder – burn slowly without flame
snare – trap
snub – treat with contempt
soar – rise fly high
sober – self-controlled
sobriety – quality or condition of being sober
sodden – soaked saturated
soggy – heavy with water
solvent – of the power of forming a solution
somatic – of the body
soot – black powder in smoke
sophisticated – complex subtle refined
sophistry – fallacious reasoning faulty logic
soporific – producing sleep
sordid – wretched comfortless contemptible
spear – weapon with a metal point on a long shaft
specious – illogical of questionable truth or merit
splenetic – bad-tempered irritable
splice – join (two ends)
sponge – porous rubber for washing live at once expense
spurious – FALSE counterfeit
spurn – have nothing to do reject or refuse
squalid – foul filthy
squander – spend wastefully
squat – crouch/settle without permission
stanch – to stop the flow of a fluid
steeply – rising or falling sharply
stentorian – extremely loud and powerful
stickler – person who insists on importance of something
stigma – mark of shame or disgrace
stigmatize – describe somebody scornfully
sting – something sharp
stingy – spending using unwillingly
stint – to be thrifty to set limits
stipple – paint with dots
stipulate – state or put forward as a necessary condition
stolid – showing no emotion impassive
stray – wander lose one’s way
streak – long thin move very fast
striated – striped grooved or banded
stride – walk with long steps
strut – a supporting bar
stygian – hence dark gloomy
stymie – to hinder obstruct or block
subdue – overcome bring under control
sublime – extreme astounding
submerge – put under water liquid sink out of sight
suborn – induce by bribery or something to commit perjury
substantiation – giving facts to support (statement)
subsume – include under a rule
succor – assistance relief in time of distress
suffice – be enough
suffocate – cause or have difficulty in breathing
sullied – to be stained or discredited
summarily – briefly without delay
sumptuous – magnificent
sundry – various miscellaneous separate
supercilious – disdainful characterized by haughty scorn
superfluous – more then is needed or wanted
superimpose – put something on the top
supersede – take the place of
supine – lying on the back slow to act passive
suppliant – asking humbly beseeching
supplicate – make a humble petition to
suppress – prevent from being known put an end to
surcharge – additional load/charge
surfeit – satiate feed to fullness or to excess
susceptibility – sensitiveness
swerve – change direction suddenly
sycophant – person who flatter to the rich and powerful
synopsis – summary or outline

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