IAF Air Man GROUP ‘X’ Model Questions For English


Select the correct verb
Q1. Besides his parents, he _________also present at the function.
(A) is (B)was (C)has (D) has been
Ans :B
Identify the correct preposition
Q2. The thunder was accompanied ______a heavy rain.
(A)from (B)by (C)up (D)through
Ans :B
Choose the misspelt word.
Q3. (A) disparity (B)illusion (C)inevitable (D)middle
Ans :A
Fill in the blank with correct article.
Q4. _____things of beauty is a joy forever.
(A)the (B)a (C)an (D)none of these
Ans :A
Identify the antonym of the given word
Q.5 Embellish
(A)Sacrifice (B)Disfigure (C)Foreit (D)Indict
Ans :B
Give one word substitute
Q6. A well experienced person.
(A)wise man (B) Intelligent (C) Old man (D) Veteran
Ans :D
Q7. An accident which results in death
(A) Injurious (B) Dangerous (C)Fatal (D) Terrible
Ans : C
Identify the correct choice
Q8. He has purchased a bag of ____________
(A)floor (B)flour (C)flower (D)flaur
Ans :B
Identify the synonym of the given word
Q9. Zest
(A)pleasure (B)distaste (C)flop (D)encircles
Ans :A
Fill in the blank with suitable conjunction
Q10. He will never pass,______hard he may try
(A) However (B) Whatever (C) Never (D) Whenever
Ans :A
Form an adjective from the given word
Q11. Gold
(A)The Gold (B)Golder (C) Golden (D)Goldest
Ans : C
Give the plural of the given word
Q12. Hero
(A) Heroine (B) Heros (C) Heroies (D) Heroes
Ans :D
Fill in the blank with suitable word
Q13. Barking dogs____bite
(A) regularly (B)rarely (C)seldom (D)frequently
Ans :C
Identify the incorrect part
Q14. No boy in his son’s class is as bright as his son is
Ans :D
Identify the meaning of the given idioms/phrases
Q15. To live in fool’s paradise
(A)to have an absolutely false conception (B)to create a stir
(C)to be clear (D)to get fairly involved
Ans :A
Identify the indirect speech
Q16. The teacher said to me, “Be regular and learn your lesson daily” The teacher:
(A) told me that to be regular and learn my lesson daily
(B) said to me regular and learn my lesson daily
(C)advised me to be regular and learn my lesson daily
(D) request me to be regular and learn lesson daily
Ans :C
Change the voice
Q17. It is time to buy books.
It is time__________
(A) all the books to be bought
(B) for the books to be bought
(C) for books have been bought
(D) for books are being bought
Ans :B
Read the following passage and answer Q No.18 to 20
“A man who has no sense of history”, Hitler declared, “is like a man who has no ears or eyes”. He himself claimed to have had a passionate interest in history since his school days and he displayed considerable familiarity with the course of European history. His conversation was studied with historical references and historical parallels. More than that, Hitler’s whole cast of thought was historical, and his sense of mission was derived from his sense of history. Like his contemporary Spangler, Hitler was fascinated by the rise and fall of civilisations. He was himself born at a critical moment in European history when the liberal bourgeois world of the nineteenth century was disintegrating. What would take its place? The future lays with the ‘Jew-Bolshevik’ ideology of the masses unless Europe could be saved by the Nazi racist ideology of the elite.
Q18. Who has no ears or eyes?
(A)A man having sense of history
(B)A man who has no sense of history
(C)A man who has extra knowledge
(D)A man having passionate interest in history
Ans :B
Q19. Hitler displayed familiarity with:
(A)Scientific facts (B)Indian history
(C)European history (D)None of these
Ans :C
Q20. Hitler’s sense of mission was derived from :
(A)His love of mankind (B) his sense of history
(C) Nowhere (D) contemporary society
Ans :B

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