IAF Model Questions For GROUP Y Traders | Indian Air Force Group Y Model Question Papers | IAF Group Y Exam Questions


Select the correct verb
Q1. Besides his parents, he _________also present at the function.
(A) is (B)was (C)has (D) has been
Ans :Bway2freshers.com

Identify the correct preposition
Q2. The thunder was accompanied ______a heavy rain.
(A)from (B)by (C)up (D)through
Ans :B
Choose the misspelt word.
Q3. (A) disparity (B)illusion (C)inevitable (D)middle
Ans :A
Fill in the blank with correct article.
Q4. _____things of beauty is a joy forever.
(A)the (B)a (C)an (D)none of these
Ans :Away2freshers.com

Identify the antonym of the given word
Q.5 Embellish
(A)Sacrifice (B)Disfigure (C)Foreit (D)Indict
Ans :B
Give one word substitute
Q6. A well experienced person.
(A)wise man (B) Intelligent (C) Old man (D) Veteran
Ans :D
Q7. An accident which results in death
(A) Injurious (B) Dangerous (C)Fatal (D) Terrible
Ans : C

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  1. gadhave lahu says:

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  2. gadhave lahu says:

    please give model quetion paper of Y group in indian air force

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