ICAI ISA ET and AT Syllabus

The Committee on Information Technology is pleased to introduce the Revised Syllabus (copy enclosed) and thoroughly revised Background Materials for the Post Qualification Course on Information Systems Audit (ISA) for the ISA Professional Training Batches from January 2006. The following table lists the revised course modules, percentage of questions that would be set in the ISA ET & AT and their broad mapping with old syllabus:

Module Module Title % Q’s Old Module
1 Information Technology Infrastructure 10% 3
2 Communication & Networking Technology 22% 4
3 Protecting Information Assets 22% 5
4 Systems Development. Life Cycle & Application Details 20% 7
5 Business Continuity Planning Infrastructure 8% 6
6 Information Systems Organisation & Management 8% 2
7 Information Systems Control & Audit Process 10% 1

Hence the ISA Eligibility Test from May 2006 and the ISA Assessment Test from June 2006 would be organized with the revised syllabus and materials.

Notwithstanding launch of new syllabus, candidates of the ISA course who have completed the Professional Training are given the three attempts to take the examinations with the existing syllabus as follows:

Exam 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt
ISA Eligibility Test Feb-06 May-06 Aug-06
ISA Assessment Test Mar-06 Jun-06 Sep-06

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