IELTS test dates

IELTS is offered to candidates on a fixed date basis. There are up to 48 test dates a year available and individual test centres offer IELTS tests 1 to 4 times per month depending on local demand. Not all test centres offer tests on all dates. Check directly with your selected test centre for upcoming IELTS test dates.
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  1. Naresh kumar says:

    for ielts test dates

  2. Arunkumar says:

    i wanna know the test dates for november….

  3. gurpreet singh says:

    i wanna know a test dates for octuber&november 2009

  4. sahar gul says:

    hi i wana know about the test dates of November2009

  5. Atinderpal says:

    I D P ielts exams dates

  6. sohan lal says:

    i want to know test date in december month begin to end

  7. parvesh raj says:

    about test date from mar to may 2010

  8. Suji says:

    Abt test date and centers from april to june 2010

  9. jeevanjot brar says:

    abt test date nd centers in june 2010

  10. abhishek kumar says:

    i wanna know about for such type of test and give me the information for the last date of examination

  11. appalanaidu says:

    how will prepare ielts, and what is the pattern of exam?

  12. bindu says:

    Let me know the test dates in April,2011,general module.

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