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Licentate examination will be of objective type.The Question Paper will be 100 Marks. Time allowed for licentiate examination will be two hours.There will not be any negative marking.

⇒ Objective of the Scheme:
i) The Scheme is meant to promote and spread Insurance Education across the country / world.
ii) The scheme is open to Institutions/Organisations, which are in the field of Education/Training activities and having high reputation and necessary infrastructure to cater to the needs of the aspiring candidates for the professional qualification examination of Insurance Institute of India
iii) Associated institutes who are conducting coaching and training for Insurance Institute of India’s programme are also required to register themselves under the new scheme.
iv) Special Affiliate Members who were registered under our earlier schemes so named are required to convert themselves into the new scheme, if they are otherwise eligible as per this circular.
⇒ Eligibility criteria for Accreditation
1) Institutions which are registered as educational and / or training provider – any Company / Registered Society or Agents Training Institutes approved by IRDA only will be eligible.
2) Institutions should have good reputation and have been in the education field for a minimum period 5 years.
3) Associated Institutes of Insurance Institute of India also will be eligible for the scheme. No fees will be charged from them, in case they wish to start a Learning Centre.
⇒ Responsibilities of IIIALC to I.I.I
1. IIIALC will enroll candidates for I.I.I.’s various examinations.
2. IIIALC will supply course material to the students.
3. IIIALC will collect Membership form, Examination forms along with relevant fees from the students on behalf of I.I.I.
4. IIIALC will provide coaching facility to the candidates enrolled for the examination of I.I.I. The fees to be charged will be decided by the respective IIIALC itself.
5. Coaching for Licentiate, Associate Fellowship and other professional course of I.I.I. will be carried out by the IIIALC.
6. IIIALC will be required to send a report in the prescribed form to I.I.I once in a year on the activities undertaken by them as IIIALC of Insurance Institute of India. (Annexure- III)
7. I.I.I. may allow one or more IIIALC at any center and there will not be any exclusive right of jurisdiction to any IIIALC.
8. Any organization having multicity operation and interested to get approved in more than one place, should apply separately for each station.
⇒ Facilities from Insurance Institute of India to IIIALC
1. A certificate of affiliation will be issued to the IIIALC, which must be displayed in the premises of IIIALC (Annexure – I)
2. I.I.I will place the list of IIIALC in examination hand book and other relevant materials.
3. IIIALC will be allowed handling charges on the sale of study books to their students.
4. I.I.I. will be sending its journal / one set of study books and any other publication as a compliment
(existing and revised / new books as and when published for the library) to IIIALC.
5. IIIALC will be allowed to print/distribute notes/study materials/solved question papers/model question papers prepared by them to their students with due intimation to I.I.I., with a copy of the same.
⇒ Period of Accreditation, Renewal and Accreditation Fees
1. Accreditation will be decided on the basis of the information provided in the prescribed application form by the interested Institutions/organizations for IIIALC. (Annexure- II)
2. Accreditation will be initially granted for 1 year from the date of accreditation. After 1 year on review, it will be renewed for further period of 3 years.
3. At the time of initial Accreditation, application fee of Rs.2,000/- and Accreditation fee @ Rs.10,000/- to be remitted to I.I.I
4. Renewal is subject to review of the performance of the IIIALC, their adherence to the conditions.
5. Renewal fees will be Rs.30,000/- for three years or as prevailing at the time of renewal.
6. If any IIIALC wants to withdraw after accreditation or is terminated by Insurance Institute of India from the scheme in between the period of accreditation no refund of fees will be made for the remaining period of accreditation.
⇒ Code of Conduct of IIIALC
1. Each IIIALC has to run classes in keeping highest professional standards.
2. The IIIALC should not involve in any kind of activities which will damage the reputation of the Insurance Institute of India in particular and Insurance Industry in general.
3. Associated Institutes and IIIALC will be complementary to each other to attain the effectives of Insurance Institute of India.
4. IIALC faculty / Management will under no circumstance interfere in the examination process.
⇒ Current Affiliate Members will be converted to Accredited Learning Centres as per the above norms with immediate effect. They are requested to submit their acceptance / consent letter for the same.
For any clarification in this regard you may contact
Shri P.K. Rath, Director,
Landline No.022-22693419 Mobile No. 9930467820

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  5. ravi says:

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  13. Swati More says:

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