IMO Class 2 Sample Papers

International Mathematics Olympiad Class 2 Sample Paper

The actual test paper has 50 questions. Time allowed : 60 minutes. There are 3 sections: 20 questions
in section I, 20 in section II and 10 in section III.
Section ā€“ I : Logical Reasoning,
Section ā€“ II : Mathematical Reasoning &
Section ā€“ III : Everyday Mathematics


Numerals and number name, Number Sense (3 digit number), Addition, Subtraction, Money, Measurement of length (conversions), Weight, Time and Temperature, Calendar, Point, Line and Plane Figures, Problems based on figures, Patterns, Series completion, Find odd numeral out, Geometrical shapes.

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  1. E.Radha Krishna says:

    My son apply IMO Maths Olymaid (4th International Maths Olympaid) So I want to Previous papers

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