Amazon Interview Questions

How would you answer?

– Who was your most difficult customer?

– How would you introduce AWS in an elevator pitch?

– What is the worst mistake you ever made?

– If your direct manager was instructing you to do something you disagreed with, how would you handle it?

– Describe what Human Resource means to you.

– What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand in an analog clock?

– How do you detect whether or not a word is a palindrome?

– Do you know our CEO? How do you pronounce his name?

– Here’s a string with numbers from 1-250 in random order, but it’s missing one number. How will you find the missed number?

– Are you willing to work on your feet for ten hours, four days a week?

– Do you think you’ll reach a point where you storm off the floor and never return?

– Would you tell on a employee for stealing?

– How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?

– How do you persuade people?

– Describe what happens in your browser as soon as you hit enter after writing a URL in the address bar.

– Tell the story of the last time you had to apologize to someone.

– Walk me through how Amazon Kindle books would be priced.

– What would you do if you saw someone being unsafe at work?

– What would you do if somehow you misdirected 10,000 units of something?

– How would you improve Amazon’s website?

– You have 30 people working under you with 2 working indirect. Each employee can do 150 units/hour. Each work day has two 15 min breaks and one 30 min lunch. In a 5 day work week, how many total units can you complete?

– What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life? How did you handle it?

– How would you tell a customer what Wi-Fi is?

– You are Amazon and Samsung offers you 10,000 Samsung Galaxy S3s at a 34% discount. Is that a good deal?

– Design an online payment system.

– Give me an example of a time when you were 75% of the way through a project, and you had to pivot strategy – how were you able to make that into a success story?

– Should we sell private label cleaning products?

– What would you do if you found out that your closest friend at work was stealing?

– Which Amazon leadership principle do you resonate most with?

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