ISTQB Foundation Level Exam Format and Pattern

International Software Testing Qualification Board(ISTQB) Foundation Level Exam format
Exam components
All ISTQB Foundation exams will use the same format, which will consist of the following components:

  • 40 multiple choice questions (4 answers per question)
  • 1 hour exam (set and managed by authorised examination boards)
  • Score more than 60% (25 or more) to pass
  • Each exam, if produced manually, will be live for a maximum of 6 months, otherwise each new exam to be created automatically each time
  • Exam questions, whilst still ‘live’ in the question bank, can be reused as required by Exam setters
  • Weighting:
  • 50% of each exam will be K1 level questions (see section 3.2 for definition of levels), 30% of each exam will be K2 level questions and 20% will be K3 level questions (K levels described in section 3.2)
  • The exam questions will be split ‘roughly’ in line with the Syllabus timings
    Chapter 1 – 18%
    Chapter 2 – 16%
    Chapter 3 – 7%
    Chapter 4 – 29%
    Chapter 5 – 21%
    Chapter 6 – 9%

  • K3 subjects can have K3, K2 and K1 questions written against them
  • K2 subjects can have K2 and K1 questions written against them
  • Exam question banks to contain on average 150 questions, all tagged to their syllabus section
  • Questions can be retired at the discretion of the Exam Board from the ‘live’ question bank, however if a ‘live’ exam paper appears in the public domain all questions that it contains MUST be retired and should not appear in any future ‘live’ examinations
  • Two practice papers are to be available at any time; either using retired questions from the question bank, or if there are not enough retired questions, new questions that meet the guidelines detailed in this document can be created especially for the paper, but they can then never be used in an actual exam.

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