JMET 2011 Logical Reasoning Sample Questions | JMET Section-I Logical Reasoning Sample Questions | JMET Logical Reasoning Sample Test Paper

Q. 8: AArun is taller than Vivek. Harish is taller than Vivek, but shorter than Arun. Divya is taller than Harish, while Ramya is shorter than Arun. Which of the following statements is necessarily true?

(A) Ramya is shorter than Harish

(B) Divya is taller than Vivek

(C) Divya is taller than Arun

(D) Ramya is shorter than Harish, but taller than Vivek

Q. 9: On the basis of the following two statements, determine which of the stated conclusions can be logically inferred:

(1) All artists are eccentric
(2) Most skaters are artists.


(A) Some skaters are not eccentric
(B) Most skaters are eccentric
(C) All skaters are eccentric
(D) Most artists are skaters

Directions: The sentences given in Questions 10 when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a number. Select the most logical order of the sentences in each case.

Q. 10: (i) If profit margins are eroded, an Internet store may go out of business, (ii) Internet stores must deliver their products to their customers’ homes (iii) Home delivery implies that logistics costs erode the available profit margins for an Internet store. (iv) High logistical costs could account for the failure of many online grocers.
(A) (iv)-(ii)-(iii)-(i)
(B) (i)-(ii)-(iii)-(ii)
(C) (ii)-(iii)-(i)-(iv)
(D) (ii)-(iv)-(iii)-(i)

Directions: Answer Questions 11 and 12 based upon the following passage.

Eight entrepreneurs (J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q) are selected for excellence awards for their outstanding contributions to business. Besides nurturing their own industries, two of these entrepreneurs, viz., J and L, also patronize the telecom industry while two others, viz., M and P, also patronize the computer industry. In arranging the seats, it was decided that the entrepreneurs who patronize other industries in addition to their own should not be seated together.
Q. 11:Which one of the following combinations is possible in the seating arrangements?

Q. 12: In order to ensure a proper seating arrangement, M should sit between

(A) N and O
(B) K and J
(C) L and N
(D) O and P

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