Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test (JNVST) Pattern For Class VI


1.Centre for Examination

Each candidate shall appear for the selection test at the examination centre allotted to him/her as indicated on the Admit Card. No candidate is permitted to appear from any other centre. No request for change of centre will be entertained. No candidate can appear in the selection test without the proper Admit Card. The competent authority for issuing the Admit Card is Principal, JNV.

2.Language of the Examination

The language/medium of the examination for the candidate will be the medium through which the candidate is studying in Class-V.

A candidate will be given a test booklet in the language he/she has mentioned in the application form and admit card. It must be ensured that Same Medium of Examination/Language is written in the Application Form (Col.9) and Admit Card (Col.1). The test booklet is available in the following languages:

1. Assamese
2. Bengali
3. Bodo
4. English
5. Garo
6. Gujarati
7. Hindi
8. Kannada
9. Khasi
10. Malayalam
11. Manipuri
12. Marathi
13. Mizo
14. Oriya
15. Punjabi
16. Sindhi (Arabic)
17. Sindhi (Devnagri)
18. Tamil
19. Telugu
20. Urdu
21. Nepali

Composition of the Test
The selection test will be of two-hour duration and will have 3 sections with only objective type questions. There are 100 questions in all of 100 marks. Each question carries one mark:

Type of Test

Number of Question



Mental ability Test



60 Minutes

Arithmetic Test



30 Minutes

Language Test



30 Minutes




2 Hours

A single test booklet comprising of the 3 sections will be given to each candidate.
Method of Recording Answers

a) A separate Answer sheet will be provided. Candidates are required to indicate their answers at an appropriate place on the answer sheet itself. The Answer sheet will be of intelligence Character Recognition (ICR)/Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Sheet. A copy of specimen Answer Sheet is enclosed.
b) Only Blue/Black Ball Point Pen is to be used to write on the answer sheet. Candidates should bring their own ballpoint pens. Use of pencil is strictly prohibited.
c) For each question, there are four probable answers, out of which only one is correct. The candidate is required to select correct answer and indicate correct corresponding number (1, 2, 3, 4) given against the probable answers on the answer sheet. Any other mode such as marking () OR (a, b, c, d) OR (A, B,C, D) OR (BÉE, JÉ, MÉ, PÉ) etc. to indicate the answers on the answer sheet will not be accepted. For example if your answer for Question no. 37 is 3, write as
d)No change in the answer once written is allowed. Overwriting, cutting and erasing on the Answer Sheet is also not allowed.
e) One mark will be given for every correct answer.
f) No negative marking will be done.

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