Valuestax Hiring for Freshers as Tax Support Analyst in Hyderabad

Job Type:
Qualification(s): , ,

Experience: Freshers

Functional Area: Business/Support/Finance

Role: Support Analyst

Company: Valuestax

Desired Applicant Profile:
* Analysis of trial balance to prepare profit and loss statement for the clients.
* Analysis of balance sheet item and accounts provided for the clients.
* Preparation of financial documents for corporate clients.
* Review of multiple financial documents for the client.
* Prepare Tax computation and supporting documents for corporate clients.
* Maintain accurate, well organized work papers.
* Verify the accuracy of the product, performing quality assurance / self-assurance checks.
* E filing and tagging of financial statements.
* Online filing of computation and return for organizations.
* Directly interacting which UK team members who acts as bridge between us and client.
* Perform tax compliance in relation to company or client opportunities.
* Keep clients and/or management informed of tax developments that affects their business.
* Preparation of information request report to be sent to client.
* Help clients and/or management interpret and integrate tax considerations into their own strategy.
* Become familiar with tax issues to aid in minimizing company’s or client’s tax cost.
* Monitor tax legislation, regulations, rulings, etc. affecting tax compliance.
Additional Details:
–> Interested Candidates can forward their Resume :

Company Profile:
Values Tax and Business Services
Valuestax will perform a thorough review of your situation and identify tax saving strategies. When planning taxation for our clients, we review the entire situation. Through our conversations (Human interaction, not computerized scripts), we detail your expenses to find every possible legal deduction, credit or loophole. We do this before the due date, and in time to implement these strategies. Everything we do is based on Internal Revenue Code or other legal supporting material. You can be sure that everything will be legal and IRS approved. We are certain you will save thousands of dollars on taxes and get maximum refund. Contact us, and we will happily analyze your individual situation.

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