Career scope in VLSI industry and best vlsi training institute

Very Large Scale Integration, which is popularly known as VLSI, has not only taken over the Indian job market but also across the globe. The ever steady rise of VLSI is also increasing career opportunities in this field manifold.

Most engineering students (especially those with electronics background) can opt for a lucrative career in VLSI design, unlike the ever-popular jobs in the software industry. A career in the VLSI industry is creative yet challenging, and is in high demand these days.

To build a career in VLSI, you will have to undergo a course in the same. Check out SumedhaIT – one of the pioneer institutes that offer placements with their trainings.

What is VLSI?

It is a process where billions of transistors are rationally put together on a tiny chip. This industry has been ever evolving – from small to very large (the current stage) , the requirement for sheer talent in this field has seen a steep rise.

If you’re looking for an engineering career that also allows you to tinker the artist in you, then a career in VLSI is your calling. Considering the development of the digital signal processors and high performance computing, the interest of students in pursuing VLSI studies for career seems acceptable.

Prior to landing a job, you need to get yourself trained so you garner the technical expertise. Join SumedhaIT to learn VLSI from the most experienced trainers who have spent decades acing their fields. You will be taught technical expertise while simultaneously receiving real and practical training in their state-of-the-art labs.

Recent stats reveal that VLSI sector is expected to grow more in the upcoming 4-5 years and that about 70% of the total job openings in this sector will be for VLSI Design verification. Now, that’s a whopping number!

The Scope of VLSI:

After completing a course in VLSI, you are ready to take on a job. You might be thinking “but, what would be the job?”. There are many options to choose from (depending on your skill-set and calibre). Here are some of the things that you can opt for –
● Working as a layout engineer where you’ll design analog and digital circuits inside the chips.
● You may want to work as a Test Engineer testing the designs for speed, noise etc.
● Or, you can be an RF engineer and design wireless modules, antennas etc.

Just to let you know – some of the major recruiters in this industry are PMC Sierra, HCL,Intel, AMD, Synopsys, Xilinx, Wipro, Aricent, Blackpepper, Cyient, Tessolve, TCS, eInfochips, Moschip, among many others.

So, how do you secure your future? Well, obviously, the first step is to join an institute that provides the best VLSI training.

If you are looking for the best VLSI and Embedded Systems training center that offers skill-based training and emphasizes on imparting sound fundamental knowledge of design, an institute that provides ample practical time to connect the theory through simulation, an institute that helps you with placements, and an institute that has lessons designed by professionals , then contact SumedhaIT right away.

Take the first step to build a secure future. We wish you all the best for your future.

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