KSET English Subject Model Question Paper


1. Sissy Jupes is a characters is
(A) Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
(B) Dickens’ Hard Times
(C) Dicken’s Christmas Carols
(D) George Eliot’s Middlemarch
2. Which of the following arrangements of English poems is in the cORrect chronological sequence?
(A) Lapis Lazuli-L’Allegro-Lamia-Thyrsis
(B) Lamia-Lapis Lazuli-Thyrsis-L’Allegro
(C) L’Allegro-Lamia-Thyrsis-Lapis Lazuli
(D) Thyrsis-Lamia-L’Allegro-Lapis Lazuli
3. The words. “beaded bubbles winking at the brim” occur in
(A) Ozymandias
(B) Ode to a Nightingale
(C) Hero and Leander
(D) Dejection-on Ode
Paper – III

This section consists of two essay type questions of twenty (20) marks each, to be answered in about five hundred (500) words each. (2 × 20 = 40 marks)
1. Is print culture dying ?
Theme of alienation in modern fiction.
Ethnicity and identity in Indian Writing in English.
The theme of the absurd in modern drama.
Influence of English on Indian Languages.

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