KPSC Deputy Collector Main Exam Scheme and Syllabus

The Syllabus for the Final Examination The Final Examination shall consist of two papers
Paper I – General Studies
Time : 3 hours.
Max.Marks: 150
This Paper shall consists of 4 parts viz.
Part 1 :-
i) Cultural Heritage of India with emphasis on 20th century.
ii) Post Independent Indian Polity.
iii) Social and Cultural Movements in Kerala
Part 2 :-
i) Present Indian economy in the Global Environment.
ii) Development and Environmental Issues.
iii) Kerala Economy :-
1) Kerala Model Development
2) Food Security
3) Group Initiatives
4) Role of Non Resident Indians
5) Role of Co-operatives
6) Women Empowernment.
Part 3
i) A General Overview of the Indian Constitution
ii) 86th Amendment to the Constitution and Consequential Enactments.
iii) Role of District Collectors in Administration – Situation Analysis
i) Recent Land Laws enacted in Kerala:-
1) Kerala Protection of River bank and Regulation of removal of sand Act, 2001
2) Ecological Fragile Land Act, 2005
3) Kerala Conservation of Paddy Land and Wet Land Act,2008.
ii) Decentralisation in Administration – Local Self Government
Part 4 :-
i) Science and Technology – Information Communication Technology, Space Technology etc.
ii) General Awareness of the modern trends in life sciences.
(Medium of Questions : English)
N.B:- Candidates are to answer the questions either in English or in the Regional Languages, viz, Malayalam, Tamil or
Kannada. The same medium should be used throughout.
Paper II – Data Appreciation, Problem Solving and Essay Writing.
Time :1 hour
Max. Marks:50
There shall be following 3 parts in Paper II viz.
Part I – Data Appreciation and Interpretation. The candidates will be asked to draw their own conclusions from the data presented in a tabular form or graphically or otherwise.
Part II – Problem solving – Duly ‘structured’ situation will be presented to the candidates and they will be asked to suggest their own solution to the problems arising out of the situation. Alternatively they maybe called upon to prove their understanding of the situation by answering certain searching questions based on the situation.
Part III – Essay Writing – The candidates will have to write a short essay not exceeding 500 words on a given topic.
(Medium of Questions : English)
N.B :- Part I and II can be answered in English or in the Regional languages and Part III should be answered in Malayalam or Tamil or Kannada.

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