KPSC Gazetted Probationary Preliminary Zoology Examination Syllabus | Zoology Syllabus For KPSC Prelims Examination


1. Cell structure and functions; Structure of an animal Cell, nature and function of cell organells, mitosis and meosis, Chromosomes and genes. Laws of inheritance mutation.
2. General Survey and Classification of non-chordates (upto sub-classes) and chordates (upto orders) of following; Protozoa, porifera, Colenterate, Platyhelminthes, Ascheminthes, Annelidia, Arthropoda, Mollusca, Echinodermate and Chordata.
3. Structure, Reproduction and Life history of the following types : Amoeba, Monocytis. Plasmodium, Paramaecium. Sycon, Hydra, Obelia, Fasciola. Teenia. Ascaris, Nereis, Phorotima, leech, prawn, scorpion, cockroach. avioalve, a snail, Balanaglosus, an ascidian. Amphioxux.
4. Comparative anatomy of vertebrates: Integument endoskeleton, Locomotory organs, digestive system, respiratory system, heart and circulatory system, urinogenital system and sense organs.
5. Physiology: Chemical composition of protoplasm, nature and function of enzymes, colloids and hydrogen-ion concentration bio-logical oxilation. Elementary physiology of digestion, excretion, respiration. blood, mechanism of circulation with special reference to man. nerve impulse, conduction and transmission across synoptic junction.
6. Embryology: Gametogenesis. fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation; Early development and meta-morphogenesis of frog. Ascidian and retrogressive metamorphosis. Neotery, development of foetal membrance in chick and mammals.
7. Evolution Origin of life. Principles and evidences of evolution, speciation, mutation and isolation.
8. Ecology: Biotic and abi tic factor, concept of ecosystem, food chain and energy flow; adaptation of aquatic and desert faund parasitism and symbiosis, Factors causing environmental pollution and its prevention. Endangered species chronobiology and cireadium rhythm.
9. Economic Zoology: beneficial and harmful insects.

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