LIC AAO Exam Descriptive Test Model Paper

1. Write a short essay on any one of the following topics :
(a) A visit to a place of historical interest
(b) My views on the introduction of the mid-day meal to poor students in schools
c) Importance of N.C.C. training
(d) A street accident
(e)Five Star Culture

2. Make a precis ofthe following passage in not more than 1-00 words. Give suitable title to the precis
(NB. : Marks will be deducted if your precis is much longer or shorter than the prescribed length)

Chanting, singing and beating “drums, tens of thousands of protesters have converged on Washington, to demonstrate against the USed war on terror, Israeli military actions in the West Bank and globalisation. `

Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Charles Ramsey unofficially estimated there were between 35,000 and 50,000 demonstrators, the f`orce’s press office said, while-organisers put the figure at above 50,000 perhaps as high as 70,000.

Unlike in previous year when globalisation opponents clashed with police, protesters were peaceful as they gathered in front of the White House and elsewhere in the city amid a heavy police presense.

The diverse groups later joined ranks for arn ass rnarch down Washing torfs Pennsylvania Avenue to the US Capitol waving flags, posters and street puppets, l and chanting. “Dow1,i, down lsrael,” was one refrain.

Police said there had been no protest relate arrests as of early evening. As long as it’s peaceful like this, God bless them

ln San Francisco, 15,000 or more demonstrators sprawled across the lawn · in the plaza in front of city hall, chanting “free, free Palestine”, waving Palestinian flags and holding placarcis ranging from “Peace Not War” to wordless posters showing a svastiha and a Jewish six poirited star with an equal sign between them.

“To day is the biggest day of solidarity with the Palestinian people in US history,” one speaker shouted to a cheering crowd gathered under clear skies. San Francisco police said they had made no arrests despite minor vandalism. Washington streets were nearly deserted except for media and police as international dignitaries arrived in the early morning at the International Monetary Fund World Bank headquarters for the groups spring meetings.

Police had blocked off streets and set up a large security perimeter around the group’s downtown headquarters to ensure they could maintain control should violence erupt

Such international financial gatherings have become frequent protest targets. One protester was killed and more than 200 were hurt in clashes with police at a Group of Eight summit in Genoa, ltaly, last July

3 Read the following passage and answer in your words the questions that follow it:

She was the luminescent British actress of her generation, star of Dr Zhioago, The Go-Between and Dont Look Now. But Julie Christie has revealed that she is suffering from a rare medical syndrome called autobiographic amnesia, which causes her to forget her lines.

Christie, who celebrated her 61st birthday at her Californian home last weekend, said the condition has grown so bad in recent. years that she turns down most Hollywood or West End roles that she is oflered. She dreads the mental drugery of attempting to learn a new script and fears letting down her fellow actors on stage.

The famed beauty, who celebrated her sixth decade with a facelift before posing in a mini skirt and revealing blouse for Vanity Fair magazine, lives in a small town near LosAngeles.

The actress recently took a “very tiny part” in No Such a thing film by Hal . Hartley, a cult director, hut says she shies away from more significant work. Talking on National Public Radio in America, Christie said : “l am not sure what it is, I but it makes learning my lines very difficult, so l am quite happy to stay away from films and stage worrks.

Christie said she identified with the protagonist in last year’s Oscar nominated film, Memento, who has to tat.too clues over his body and leave notes around his motel room so he can remember who he is when he wakes, She said she can usually remember who and where she is, but everything else is up for grabs marvel at people with good memories, but I would not like the memory of a friend who recalls everything and so is slightly blighted with persistent nostalgia. It is a bit sad.”

She said there were advantages :
“Now I eat remember anynbad things, only the good things, if I can remember anything about my past at all.” lf so, she will recall little about her days in Hastings, East Sussex, where she was expelled from School ibr telling dirty stories; or the nun who seemed her acting ambitions by saying: “You are ugly enough without making faces” or her troubled relationship with Warren Beatty, the Hollywood star In a play by Harold Pinter in London five years ago, the last time Christie acted . on stage, she says she made up some lines to fill in the gaps and was not fbund out. Now she has been prescribed exercises to help her memory to recover.
a)Mention‘ some bitter memories ofchristie’s early life.
b) What is christie ? What are her dificulties at present
c) ln which of the films/stage shows did christie work ?
d) With whom does christie compare herself ‘?
e) Propose a suitable title {br the passage.

(a) My Views on The Introduction of The Mid—Day Meal to Poor Students in Schools In a developing country like India is
a very noble scheme to introduce free meals to the students, especially to the poor students belonging to the weaker section of the Society. lf this scheme is meant only for poor students, we commit an offence under our Constitution

because we will be guilty of creating class discrimination. It is, therefore, suggested that this scheme should apply for the students whether rich or poor. Another drawback which will automatically appear in case of class distinction is the rise _ of corrupt practices., So, in order to avoid these, the best thing will be to feed all students.

lt is rather a very noble idea to provide free meals to all students. The project is so big that it will not possible for private charitable institutions because it requires great financial re- sources and a vast organization to maintain it properly The project requires million of rupees every month. It is, there are, suggested that the free meal project should be rim and managed by the State Governments. In this connection it will be interested to note that some State governments are already providing free 1nid·day meals to students in this country.

This free mid-day meals will prove to be additional meals to what the students take usually at home. The result will be that the students will get extranourishment. Our future generation will be healthy and strong to serve the mother-land. There will be another advantage of this free meal project. Most of. the students who for want of iimds fail to complete their education to take up jobs in factories or elsewhere, will be attracted to schools and complete their education. No longer remains the danger of swell mg the ranks of illiterate and unskilled labourers, if these persons fully complete ther education. As such_ the percentage of literacy will also rise. The nation- is bound to be benefited, if its members are educated and well placed in life. According to the census tigute of 1981, the literacy percentage is about thirty-six. This is very low in comparison to most other countries. Low literacy also causes unemployment problem and results in lowering the effective national strength.

One major hurdle, in providing free mid-day meals, which may erupt, is the danger of corrupt parctices. These practices are likely to come up in preparation and then distribution of these meals. If these undesirable practices are left un checked and uncontrolled, the whole aim -of benefit to the students will stand defeated. Therefore, it is vitally important for the managing authority oi` the free mid-day meals to be alert and ensure proper distribution. and also to check at all stages to stop these corrupt and dishonest practices. The government should see that the benefit of free mid-day meals to the students does not diminish. The managing authority should also ensure the preparation of the meals under strict hygienic condition to safe-guard the students from any possible ill-effects. Under proper control, this proj ect of free mid-day meals to the students is very good and noble.

c) Importance of N.C.C. Training Military service is quite.

necessary for a country, It suffices a very essential defence system. After achieving independence, the Indian Government started a scheme of military training of the civilian youths. This training was to be exactly on the parallel lines of the actual training given to the youths in the regular army This programme was started through the National Cadet Core (N.C.C), the Indian Territorial Force and the National Volunteer Force. It was decided that the N.C.C. scheme should be started in schools and colleges throughout the country. So, in every state Headquarters of N.C.C. under the regular Military Officers, drawn from the three wings of the armed Forces, were ‘ established. The main aim of the organization was to give-military knowledge like scout movements, rifle training and military camping. The N.C.C. is primarily meant to function during peace time. But the organization can be expanded in times of war. The Cadets ofthe N.C.C. can take up military duties like the other two bodies. So, The N.C.C. can be called as Second Line of Defence.

The N.C.C. scheme was introduced for the school and college students as an extra activity besides their usual academical training. This activity, though over burdens the student, in no way stands in the way ofhis usual pursuit of studies. This training gives to the students from the boring routine of his studies and the student gets an opportunity to employ usefully his leisure. At the same time he learns discipline and obedience to the authority.

During the peace time, the services of these Cadets can be used_ to such activities as required in the peace. It is to provide relief against the natural calamities, like floods, fire, storms o_r cyclone, earthquake and famine. The role of the Cadets is to serve the sufferers for the cause of service to the nation. But during the times of war, it becomes the Second Line of Defence and perform such military duties as expected from the N.C.C. At that time it performs the auxiliary duties to help the regular army. Then this organization is devoted to im mense valuable activities because many auxiliar ymembers are needed ibr each serving regular man. The N.C.C. being a well disciplined body, can be of great. service. The Cadets of the N.C.C. can be profitable used on the scouting duties, thus sparing lot-_of military men to do their regular job. In addition to the services rendered to the community or nation during peace and war, the N.C.C. Cadets get a great service to themselves also by its training which makes them strong and robust both physically and mentally. Just like a regular soldier, he will be Well disciplined, active, honestly devoted to his duties, alert and spirited. At critical times, the N.C.C. can be usefully employed to raise the morale ofthe people. Therefore, every school. going or college going young man or young woman should take up N.C.C. training. Even if he or she is not called for any auxiliary service, his or her training will be of immense help to solve I his personal problems in real life.

(d) A Street Accident No doubt.
all types of accidents are very painful and agonizing. lt affects the mind of not only the affected persons but also the on-lookers. The victim of the accident sometimes loses his life i.f the accident is a major one. Even ifthe accident is a minor one, the victim haste sufler both mentally and physically under the impact of the accident. The on-looker who witnesses the accident, also suffers an mental shock. In some cases the shock is so acute that he cannot attend to his
usual routine with concentration.

I too had an experience of witnessing a serious accident. After taking the last period in my college, I was about to leave for my home when l was called by the Principal to discuss certain problems of my department. As such, I was delayed and I missed my usual bus. My house was only half an hour`s walk from the college and the next bus was expected to come after an hour or so. There are, decided to go o_n foot. I was walking on

the footpath when all of a- sudden a car came from `a side road and hit a scooter which was going in front of it. The scooter driver and the pillion rider were thrown to the road and their scooter I over turned. But the car driver did not stop, though ibr a few seconds it slowed down. Although I was greatly shocked to see the accident. happening before Roy eyes,·I still kept my presence of mind and looked at the number plate of the car. It was a white colored Maruti with its number as BBO-4961. In no time the people collected at the accident spot. Both the scooter driver and his companion were lying prostrate on the ground in a pool of blood. It appeared that they were badly injured, but they were still alive. Some body must have telephoned the police and they arrived after half an hour.

In the meantime, a big crowd gathered around the injured. Fortunately, a doctor who was living nearby, came running with a iirst aid kit. He. asked the bystanders to move bacl a little so that he could stop the flow of blood. The doctor gave them iirst aid and was asking the people to help to remove them to the. near by hospital where he was a doctor. But no body lent him a helping hand. At that very moment, the police reached the spot As soon as the bystanders saw the police, they scattered away I kept on standing there like a stone statue as if I had lost the power of motion. However, the police removed the victims to the hospital as asked by the doctor. When the police van was about to-move, I told the doctor how the accident happened and also the number of the car. He requested me to accompany him to the hospital to give my statement as an eye witness. Being a-responsible citizen went with him and told the policewhat saw and also the number and make of the car which had hit the scooter and then drove away. The police noted down my address and allowed me to go back to my house. The doctor who was employed in the same hospital, took the victims in surgical ward to dress their wounds.The accident that happened so suddenly, greatly upset ine. I became very nervous. My imd was terribly affected. That is the reason how I stuck to the same place like a stone statue. For another three days, I could not attend tomy work properly as the ghastly accident. kept me haunting.

(e) Five Star Culture
The word culture has different types of meaning in this age. The oldest culture is agriculture the latest is five star culture, Five star culture includes cocacola culture and chewing gum culture. The moving very fast, I hence it is difficult to stick to any time honorific values. Five star culture is a gift of` our materialistic civilisation. lt means high living in luxari ous five star hotels in big cities and hill stations. These hotels are dens of every` known or unknown evils. They patronize. drinking, drug taking and gambling.

There is a marked. difference in the two words civilisation and culture. Civilisation a matter of external aids to life, it relates to decent. living and fast means of transport, It comes with prosperity. Chilies, on the other hand, means, cultic ation of the inner-self. It is a matter of attitude, his humanism, lies interest in art and poetry and marvel values. Culture shows itself in how man thinks, reels and acts. The expression five star culture is incorrect. lt is Eve star way of living. lt is the western mode of living.

Five star culture is part of the western influence,,It has made an unhealthy impact on Indian way of life. It has struct at the roots of indian values. It is ‘Hedonism or pleasure-seeking which cares neither for truth nor character nor morals. Ghararzter is the first casualty when affluence comes. Surplus wealth finds outlet to its vulgar display. During the last ten years, inflation has created a new class of rnonejgied people. They have concentration of wealth. The sun ·ofthe captains on business and industry form a class of their oi-vn, They receive education in public school, have all the l . best things of life to enjoy. They have been brought up on the western lives.Their ‘l`avoi1.rite musicis jazz, their favorite stars are from English movies. They chew gums and they eat five star cadbury chocolates. Imported goods are status symbol them

The patrons of live star culture call themselves mod. They think they are progressive and modernised. They are anti—In di an, antisocial and anti-national. ln fact, they have no positive quality worth the n anis. The craze for modernism has poisoned the young minds. They long for luxuries and they often turn to crime to obtain them they want all the good things of lite, without deserving them. and without earning them through lawful means. Western mode of living is alien to Indian culture. India is a poor country. lf every young man runs after .luxury goods, he will resort to corrupt ways to acquire them. Our films and television advertisements have contributed a great deal to spreading this evil of five star culture. It has led to more crimes to meet the growing needs for luxury goods. Let us have a synthesis of Gandhian values with modernity. Let us strike. a. balance between our means and demands. That will ensure a clean public life and lasting happiness.

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