General Knowledge (GK)

The GK Section in MAT was relatively simple. The emphasis was on the current happenings and hardly any question related to topics not in lime-light in the last six months. A sample of few questions asked:
Q – Who is the Presidential candidate of the Republication Party in the coming US Presidential election?

Q – Who is the director of the movie “Mission Kashmir”?

Q – Maruti launched which of its cars recently?

Q – Hrithik Roshan is endorsing the product of which company by appearing in its advertisement?

Q – Out of given options which country is not a member of SAARC?

Q – Palestine and Israel are fighting over which historical city?

Q – Who has been sworn as the Chief Minister of UP?

Q – Which movie directed by Manoj ‘Night’ Shyamalan was nominated for the Oscar Award?

Q – Which Indian writer has composed the lyrics for the song “Beneath ….. ” for the U-2 group?

Q – Who was given the Dada Saheb Phalke award this year?

Q – Which province did America buy from Russia in 1867?

Q – Name the President of Pakistan?

Q – Full form of ISP?

Q – Who is the founder of WWW?

Q – Recently which Indian company has been partnered by Microsoft?

Q – When did India win its last Olympic Gold medal in Hockey?

Q – Full form of IRA?

Q – Which US President last visited India prior to the recent visit of President Clinton?

Q – Pope John Paul II went on a historical tour to which countries recently?

Q – The number of overs bowled in each match in the first Cricket World Cup were …?

Q – Which country out of the given is not an OPEC member nation?

Q – Who is the Central Energy Minister?

Q – Rajkumar, who was in news recently, belongs to which state?

Q – Which Company has been recently incorporated by merging various government telecom outfits?

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