MAT Critical Analysis and Inductive Reasoning (LR)

The questions in this section were not very simple but of average level of toughness. A few sets were decision making question where in according to the conditions specified in the questions, the solutions had to be found. Each such set had seven or eight questions following and provided a good opportunity to score. The various questions that appeared in this section were:

(a) There are seven crew members – 3 pilots and 4 engineers and conditions were specified detailing who wanted to go along with whom and who did not. Based on these conditions the questions following the information passage had to be answered.

(b) This question is perhaps familiar to the PT students who were given this question as an LR question in one of their CTs.
Directions: Read the following data carefully and answer the questions that follow.
A goldsmith has 5 gold rings, each having a different weight. Data statements are :
(I) Ring D is weighing twice as much as ring E
(II) Ring E is weighing four and a half times as much as ring F
(III) Ring F is weighing half as much as ring G
(IV) Ring G is weighing half as much as ring H
(V) Ring H is weighing less than ring D but more than ring F

Q. The rings arranged in the descending order of weights are:
(1) H > E > D > G > F (2) E > D > H > G > F
(3) G > E > H > D > F (4) D > E > H > G > F

Q. Which of the above data statements is NOT necessary to solve Q.3 ?
(1) II (2) V
(3) IV (4) III

Q. Ring H is lighter than which of the other rings ?
(1) D, G (2) E, F
(3) D, E (4) G, D

(c) Besides this there were questions based on series – both numerical and alphabetical.
The questions were like:
2 5 9 14 20 — 35
6 10 18 34 —
5, 13, 21, 29, …….

(d) In one month five lectures on six subjects- Financial Management; Marketing Management; Business Laws; Economics etc. are to be conducted from Jan to Dec. Based on various conditions the questions following this information passage had to be answered.

Then this section contained questions on coding which was both Alphabetical and Numerical. A question asked was the coding of a command given by a General :” Get away. Fire backwards to move”. Based on the coding of this command other questions similarly coded had to be answered.

This is about Analysis and Reasoning. On the whole average as far as toughness was concerned. Nothing unexpected and easy to finish in the suggested time limits of the exam had the student practiced for this section of the exam even moderately.

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