MAT Data Interpretation and Sufficiency (DI & DS)

There were about 10 questions on DS and all were relatively easy. For PT students they were the familiar type I with four options. The directions looked like :

Mark Answer
1 If statement A alone gives an answer, but B does not.
2 If statement B alone gives an answer, but A does not.
3 If neither A nor B is sufficient but, a combination of both is.
4 More data Required.

DI questions too were simple though they had variety. In the DI section there were two question sets based on Pie Charts, one question set based on horizontal graphs, another based on tabular information etc. Questions were:

* The tabular data was based on information of production of food grains for a given period. The questions were pretty easy and were based on simple calculations of Percentages etc.
* Cities and their populations with Slum : Urban ratio were given. And based on this information,
question had to be answered:

The questions that followed were like:

• Which city has lowest slum population?

• Ratio of slum dwellers to urban dwellers in Delhi.

• Comparison between slum population of two cities.

• The slum population of one city as a percentage of another city.

* The expenditure breakup of a family with Rs. 6500 as its salary pm is as given:

The question based on this data were:

• By how much does the expenses of the family on electricity exceed those on rent?

• What is the percentage of other on all other heads etc:

• Similar question can be referred to by the student in DI theory booklet of the PT study material.

• The breakup of a total of government loans and expenditures of Rs. 11 crore and 5 lacs is as given:

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