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Chess Quizzer

Question 1:

The picture demonstrates a 3*3 box with 4 knights denoted by the letters. W stands for a white knight and B for a black one. As in a standard game of chess, the knight can move only two steps in the horizontal or vertical direction and then one step in the other direction for one move.The objective of the game is to interchange the position of both the black and white knights.What is the minimum number of moves required to complete the game?

(A) 8 (B) 12 (C) 16 (D)18

Question 2:

You have one knight, one king, one queen, one rook and one pawn each of the same colour. Arrange all five of these pieces on the chessboard shown such that the following conditions are satisfied:

(i) The no. of pieces attacking a square(with a number on it) should be equal to the number written on it.
(ii) There should not be any piece on a square which has a number written on it.

[Note: A king can only attack its adjacent squares, a pawn attacks its diagonally adjacent squares, a rook on
its horizontal and vertical lines, a queen on its horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines and a knight as explained in question 1. Lastly, rook and queen cannot attack a square if there is a some other piece in the
path of attack.]

What should be the position of the Queen?

(A) B1 (B) B2 (C) A1 (D) A2

Question 3:

What is the minimum number of moves required to move from the situation in the left to that in the right if
the valid moves for bishop, rook, knight, king and pawn are shown below?

(A) 9 (B) 18 (C) 16 (D) 8

You and your friend save as much money as possible by participating in the contest and fly to Athens. Exploring Athens you and all other teams come to Parthenon, the temple of Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom and intelligence. You also see many images of an owl. You learn from the guide that it is the “Athena Noctua”, also called the Minerva owl or the little owl. The guide also mentions some interesting stories of Athena’s wisdom and cleverness.

Trouble With Flowers

The tourist guide at Parthenon takes you to an abandoned tunnel. And here you find an inscribed stone and a bowl of colored flowers. Suddenly you hear a deep and ancient gong ringing as you start reading the Stone Of Instructions. The instructions read as follows: Every person entering the Temple of Athena will be given a bowl with 15 red flowers and 12 yellow flowers.

Each time the Gong of Time rings, he/she must do one of two things:

1. Exchange: If he has at least 3 red flowers in his bowl, then he may exchange 3 red flowers for 2 yellow flowers.
2. Swap: He may replace each yellow flower in his bowl with a red flower and replace each red flower in his bowl with a yellow flower. That is, if he starts with i red flowers and j yellow flowers, then after he performs this operation, he will have j red flowers and i yellow flowers.

[You can leave the tunnel only when you make all the combinations (no. of red, no. of yellow) of flowers
that are possible].

Question 4:

After how many operations will you have 5 each of red and yellow flowers?
(A) 5 (B) 10 (C) 15 (D) None of the above

Question 5:

What is the number of combinations you need to make to leave the tunnel?
(A) 27 (B) 52 (C) 54 (D) None of the above
The next day, on your way back from Parthenon, you see an owl injured under a large, old tree. You decide to save the owl and fix its wing, so you take it along with you. Later you get to know that owl needs to reach IITGuwahati, India as soon as possible. Realizing how dangerous it could be for the owl to travel to India, you decide to help the owl reach its destination.

Question 6:

You now reach Turkey. Tired by your journey, you decide to go sightseeing in the town of Istanbul. Inside the Hagia Sophia, while you are walking, you find a key-ring which has two keys on it, with a keychain as shown below

En route outside the castle, you find out that the escape is through a channel, which has two doors one
behind another. Above the first door, it is written

“Alphabet starts with ‘a’ ”

“Look down to up, and you’ll see something interesting that satisfies me”.

So you plug one of the keys into the door. A sentence appears on it, along with a keyboard.

You decode what the sentence means and type in “eszrzxzbe”.

The gate opened, sucking in the key plugged in and exposing another gate, with another sentence written “Incendio”.

Suddenly the owl faints due to very less oxygen and you are left to decode the code.
What do you type in to open the gate?


Question 7:

On your way to IIT Guwahati, you and your friends have to cross Aleppo. There are some safe one-way paths such that you can move only in east or south direction. Below is the map of those safe paths. You start at ‘H’ and need to reach ‘O’. The arrows show the direction you must follow on the way.

Find the number of different routes that your group can take to cross the desert.

(A) 440 (B) 86400 (C) 75 (D) 42


While travelling through the Syrian Desert, you are in desperate need of water. The owl, still bursting with energy(God knows how) comes flying back to you to tell you that she has located a water faucet nearby.Hearing this, you rush to it, to find a real water cooler. But the problem is, it has seven pieces lying on the ground which have to be fitted to form a rectangle in order to have the faucet working.

Question 8:

Which of the following statements are correct about the rectangle formed?
(A) The corner four pieces are 1,3,5,7
(B) The corner four pieces are 1,2,5,6
(C) The corner four pieces are 2,4,5,7
(D) Rectangle cannot be formed

Suddenly, the Desert God emerges out of the faucet. He says, “I am pleased with your hard-work, and will reward you with food if you pass my challenge.” He gives you infinite number pieces of five different types as shown below with numbers etched on them. He then tells you to use a maximum of 30 of these pieces to make a rectangle such that the sum of the numbers on all of the small squares is maximum. Also, each type should be used at least once.

Question 9:

What is maximum sum of all the numbers that is possible?
(A) 137 (B) 136 (C) 127 (D) Rectangle cannot be formed

As you reach Iraq, you see 49 people ghting among themselves to split their prize money. Many don’t want to divide it into 49 equal parts as they worked harder than the others.To resolve the issue, the Owl suggests a way: “If 50% or more people in the group agree on splitting equally,then they will split equally. If not, the person with the least contribution loses his claim, and is out of the group. The voting continues till a solution is reached”.(ex : Suppose there are 10 people left. If 5 or more agree to divide the prize money equally, each would get an equal share. If not, the 10th ranked person is out of the group, and voting continues with the 9 people left)

Question 10:

In short, among how many people should the prize money be divided equally if every person is self-centred and every time he/she votes, tries to get maximum benefit? After your suggestion, the people of Iraq pay you a little as a reward for your help. Later, on your way to a hotel you find some people debating on an issue. Help them resolve it and earn some more money in return for your favour.

Question 11:

The issue is:

The government of Iraq wants to issue ‘d’ denominations of coins (in whole numbers of dinars(Iraqi currency)) so that by using no more than 3 coins, citizens can pay any amount from 1 dinar to 36 dinar. Find the value of ‘d’ and all the ‘d’ denominations and give the sum of all these ‘d’ denominations?(Ex: if d=3 and 3 denominations are {4,5,3}, answer= 4+5+3= 12.)

Question 12:

After resolving the issue, you stop at the hotel to take rest for the night. Unfortunately, the hotel is owned by Poseidon. Poseidon is Athena’s greatest enemy. Poseidon, on knowing that you are coming from Parthenon(Temple of Athena), decides to make life awful for all of you. There are 32 rooms in the hotel and there are 32 identical looking keys. He gives them all and says that the second heaviest key is the one which opens your room. He also says that there is a balance (it compares two keys at a time) which can be used only N times ,where N is the minimum number of comparisons required to find the second heaviest key. What is the value of N?

Question 13:

Next, just to make your life even more dicult, he says that while you are checking out of the hotel, you should pay him any amount(in integer value of dinars) exactly that he asks (the maximum that he can ask is 302 dinars). So, you decide to divide 302 dinars into ‘N’ dierent pouches such that you can pay him any amount from 1 to 302 dinars by giving certain number of pouches. What is the minimum value of ‘N’?

[Note: The above 4 questions are 2-digit integer type i.e., the answer can be any integer from 00 to 99].


As you travel from Iraq towards IIT Guwahati, after a long time you find yourselves on a mountain trail in Tehran, Iran. The mountain trail is dicult and slippery. You suddenly get caught in a landslide and fall into a deep hole. Then the stones of 2 kg weight start falling onto you from above.The hole is a 4×4 grid i.e., it is divided into 16 squares. Each square can accommodate only one stone (of any weight). To survive, you need at least one empty square. Owl notices your trouble and gives you the magical power to meld together stones, but only those of the same mass can be mould together. Since the stones are falling very fast, you are only able to push the stones in straight lines (horizontally/vertically).For example, when the arrangement of one of the rows in figure 1 when pushed horizontally to left transforms as shown:

Question 14:

If one stone falls every second, what is the maximum time for which you can survive i.e., when no square is empty and all stones become immovable?
(A) (2^16) -1 (B) (2^17) -1 (C) (2^17) – 2 (D) 2^16

Question 15:

What is the largest stone that you can make if every second, either 2kg stone or 4 kg stones fall?

(A) 2^17 (B) 2^16 (C) (2^16) -1 (D) (2^17)-2


After a day Filled with adventures in Tehran, you now reach the bank of Hari river. There you find a box that contains the key to the boat which can help you cross the river quickly. The box can be opened only if the correct password is entered. On the top part of the box there is a number carved.

The box you have got can be opened by deciphering the code number given on the top of the box which would provide you the password. The password consists only English alphabets (capital). Each alphabet is coded by a three digit number in which the ones-place is given by the number of curved lines in that alphabet and the tens- place is given by the number of straight lines in the alphabet. To find the hundredths-place digit first place all the alphabets with the same last two digits together in their alphabetical order and interchange the first half with the second half. Now number them 1 onwards and thus the corresponding number will take the hundredths-place.

Example: Let these letters (of some unknown alphabet) be the ones having one curved line and one straight line in ascending order then they will be coded as-

Question 16:

What is the correct password?

As soon as you cross the river, you find a Kabuliwala. You ask him for help to reach Kabul as soon as possible.
He says that he will show you the way to Kabul if you help him with the answer of a question. First he explains you the game of CROSS- ZERO.

“This game is played on a matrix of 3×3. In this game, the players try to get three circles or three crosses in
a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). A player always tries to win, i.e., if a player can place his own symbol (X or O) in a row that already contains two of his own symbols, he will do so. A player always tries to avoid that his opponent wins, i.e., if a player can place his own symbol (X or O) in a row that already contains two of the symbols of his opponent, he will do so.”The question he asks is that Khaled and Shahzia play a game of Cross-Zero. Khaled plays with crosses (X) and Shahzia plays with circles (O); however we don’t know who started the game. The players are intelligent enough and maintain the rules. After six turns into the game the matrix looks like

Question 17:

So who will win the game?

(a)Any one can win depending on the initial move
(d)The game will result in a draw.

Treasure of Kabul

You then head towards Kabul. After reaching there, you come to know that the King’s descendant found an ancient-Treasure Box. One of the men of the ancient court discovered that that to open the treasure-box one has to fold the square papers with special magnetic ink in a ‘Heart’ like shaped region(as shown below) such that the ultimate shape we get is the shape with magnetic ink on the paper, so that this paper can be inserted in the keyhole of the treasure-box and open it. Help the descendant and get 10% of the treasure as reward.

(Similar paper is given at the end of all the question i.e., page no:17).

Question 18:

What is the minimum number of folds required to complete the task?

(A) 8 (B) 9 (C) 10 (D) 11


Without any trouble you are safely travelling towards your desination. It is just then that you come across a cave, in Nepal. The owl says that the cave is a short-cut, but the journey would be dicult, with many obstacles along the way. Brilliant as you all are, you decide to take the challenge.The cave is dark. One of you switches a flashlight on, and leads the way. Soon, you encounter a room with many book shelves. A door is on the other end of the room. As you observe the books, you notice that one book is very old, but the others are new. You realize that the old book may have the key for the door! You open the book and look through the pages. In the middle of the book, you see an odd figure, like the one below.

You think of a theory, and start solving the puzzle.
The lines originating from the centre, divide each pentagon into 10 equal parts or wedges.
The part between two immediate pentagons is a ring.

Remaining letters must be filled in such that:
1. Each ring must contain all the letters of the word “TOUCHLINES”
2. Every two adjacent wedges together must contain all letters of the word “TOUCHLINES”.

The above puzzle has four boxes. Starting from the outermost ring and going inwards, note the letters and compare with the options given below.

Question 19:

Which of the following is the correct answer?


You say the code word, and the door opens. You walk in, and look around the empty room. It is a dead end, but you see a poem on the wall. It reads:

One of you notices that the code word fits in the blank of the poem. As you think about the poem, you see an arrow which directs your eyes downward. To your amazement, you find the whole f;oor filled with letters and symbols! You realize that you need to use the poem to find a solution to the puzzle under them.The floor looked like this:

Rearrange the clues from the puzzle above, using the poem, to find a question and then answer it to get out of the cave.

Question 20:

What is the answer which can take you out of the cave?
(A) 07 (B) 70 (C) 18 (D) 81

You are running out of time but have no idea about the route from Nepal to IIT Guwahati. The various cut-out parts of the map that can help you reach IIT Guwahati are hidden in the houses shown in the figure below. You will get the parts of the map only on delivering the right article(one per house) to all the
(i) An ‘X’ coloured ARTICLE should be delivered to an ‘X’ coloured HOUSE only by using an ‘X’ coloured TRUCK.
(ii) A truck can also carry other coloured articles so that it can place them at any of the CHECKPOINTS from where other truck can later carry it to the destination.
(iii) Trucks can carry any number of articles at a time.
(iv) The main objective is to start all the trucks at the same time, with same speed and deliver the articles without collision of trucks. Also, a truck picks up every article that comes on its way.
(v) Last and the most importantly, the PATHS of the trucks should not overlap at any point other than junctions. At junctions, the paths can though cross each other (but both trucks should not reach that junction at same time which leads to collision). The trucks can move only forward.

Question 21:

Draw the final path of all the trucks and give the number of turns taken by the blue truck.

(A) 8 (B) 7 (C) 6 (D) None of the above

Question 22:

Give the total number of articles carried by the red truck on it’s way.
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4

You come to the end of the journey and the owl in your arms flutters its wings and flies above your head to face you. A light glow fills the air around it as it speaks:”Athena Noctua I am called. Sent by the goddess of Wisdom herself to help you on this and select the best members on the earth to fulfill the ancient prophecy of Athena. The good you’ve collected on your way will decide your fate. Till we meet again! ” and the owl you held so dear to you for so long flies o leaving you waiting for the results

The following is the drawing scaled to size that is useful for Question no:18. You can tear the following
page to use it.


1. C
2. C
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. 137×4 (MARKS TO ALL)
10. 32
11. 40
12. 35
13. 9
14. A
15. A
16. B
17. C
18. A
19. C
20. D

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