Distance MBA Colleges in Himachal Pradesh

Distance MBA Colleges in Himachal Pradesh
The distance learning courses in Himachal Pradesh are provided by the Universities of Himachal Pradesh and other Himachal Pradesh Distance Learning Institutes. These Distance Learning Courses in Himachal Pradesh are highly in demand as they allow the students to nurture other interest along with their studies. The initial hesitation of pursuing education through distance learning mode has gradually evaporated in Himachal Pradesh. On the contrary, today, distance education in Himachal Pradesh is looked forward as a suitable mode of pursuing higher education.

It is easier for the students to pursue a correspondence course from the Universities of Himachal Pradesh as the course fee of these distance learning courses are much lower as compared to that of the regular courses.

Moreover the distance learning Institutes in Himachal Pradesh also offer necessary study materials to the students. Thus, Himachal Pradesh Distance Learning Institutes offer fair amount of flexibility to the students.

Soon after the establishment of the Himachal Pradesh University, a directorate of Correspondence course was also set up. It became the first University in India to offer correspondence courses in Master of Arts, Master of Education and Master of Commerce. This Directorate of Correspondence courses in Himachal Pradesh was later renamed as International Centre for Distance Education and Open Learning(ICDEOL).
It offers various postgraduate, undergraduate, professional and advanced correspondence courses. To make the admission process more convenient, it also has spot admission centres in most of the Govt Colleges of Distt. Headquarters of H.P, Delhi, Chandigarh, Patiala, Amritsar and Ludhiana.

The introduction of Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs) has made Himachal Pradesh Distance Learning even more interesting

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