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The following scholarships/stipends are awarded to the eligible students of the Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Course.

1. National Merit Scholarship for the students of M.A., M.Sc., M.Com. (Finance/Marketing), M.Tech. Courses (Eligibility: Minimum 60% marks in Degree Examination).

2. State Merit Scholarship (Awarded by the Government of Assam).

3. OBC, MOBC, SC, SC, ST Scholarships (Awarded by the Government of Assam).

4. P.G. Departmental Scholarship @ Rs. 150/- p.m. to 1 student securing highet marks in the First and Second Semestar Examinations of each Department (combined) for M.A., M.Sc. and M.Com. Course.

5. Financial assistance as loan/aid is also availabel to the needy poor students from the students’ Aid Found.

6. The Research Scholars may enjoy fellowship under the UGC/CSIR scheme and Dibrugarh University Research Scholarship scheme.

7. Endowment Scholarships/Awards:

(i) Binandi Medhi Memorial Award to the Best Graduate in Science (B.Sc.) of Dibrugarh University.
(ii) Loknath Dutta Memorial Award to the Best Graduate in Arts (B.A.) of Dibrugarh University.
(iii) Phoonoo Barooah Memorial Award of the student who secures 1st position in Ammamese Major in the TDC Final Examination of Dibrugarh University.
(iv) Siris Chandra Barooah Memorial Award to the Best Graduate in Commerce (B.Com) of Dibrugarh University.
(v) Dr. Michael S. Chandra Endowment Award to the best Medical Graduate (MBBS) of Dibrugarh University, who prosecute P.G. Course leading to M.D. in Medical at Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh.
(vi) Annual Award in the memory of late Swapnalika Bhattacharyya to the student securing highest marks in the First and Second Semester examinations (combined) in the MA/M.sc Course in Statistics.
Note: Award of Scholarship and financial assistance is regulated by the rules of the University. The award of the scholarships is subject to the availability of the scheme.

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