Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Culture Scholarships

Ministry of Human Resource Development Department of Culture
Scholarships are awarded in the following fields:(i) Classical Hindustani Music (Vocal)-Dhrupad, Khayal, Dadra, Qawwali, Thumri, Dhamar, Tappa, Tarana etc.(ii) Hindustani Music (Instrumental) (iii) Classical Carnatic Music Vocal and Instrumental (iv) Western Music-Classical and light Classical (v) Classical Indian Dances (vi) Drama Acting, Production, Lighting, Stage Craft etc., and traditional theatres viz ‘Kookiyattam’, ‘Yakshagana’ etc (vii) Fine Arts (Painting, Graphics and Sculpture) including Mural Painting (viii) Ceramics and Pottery (ix) Illustration and Design (Applied Art, including Illustration) and Textile Designing (x) Rare traditional forms of Art, Dance, Music, etc., which are in need of special attention.(xi) Study of Tibetan Painting and Woodcraft at the library of Tibetan works and Archives, Dharamsala. These scholarships are tenable for advanced training within India and the selected candidates are expected to commence their training immediately after the announcement of the results or from the date suggested by the Department of Culture, as the case may be

Scholarship Type : For Post Graduation and Research

For Whom : Offers “Scholarships to Young Workers in different Cultural Fields” for Advanced Training in Music, Dance, Dramas, Painting, Applied Arts. No of Scholarships: 150.

Award Value :
Rs. 1000 pm

Notification : November

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  1. sayantan sasmal says:

    for scholarship

  2. khelsharma says:

    m looking scholarship in specialization in stage lighting

  3. sachin says:

    i want to get test in drama division

  4. Ravinder Bhardwaj says:

    I want to know about grant in theater (Drama) can you please let me know wheat get all information. I am passed out from NSD New delhi. Thanks

  5. ashok says:

    name the website for schemes of poor artist.poet

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